Would this ever happen in your school assembly?
Any Harry Potter fans out there? Source: Shutterstock

With Halloween just around the corner, this Potter-esque homecoming dance in the US is catching on like wildfire!

With its hypnotising beats and rhythmic broomsticks, this homecoming routine by the PAC Dance team casts a spell over fellow students and millions of online viewers…

As USA Today explains, “An Arizona school’s dance team at Walden Grove High School, in Sahuarita, about 20 miles south of Tuscon, has cast a spell with its ‘Harry Potter themed’ dance for a homecoming assembly. In the video shared to YouTube late last month, the dancers tell the story of HP, including his acceptance into Hogwarts, his first flying lesson and a fight with Voldemort.”

Keep an eye out for Voldemort’s starring role! Source: Giphy

Aside from the visual appeal of Harry Potter’s antics and the exceptional wand skills at Walden Grove, this homecoming was a great way of getting students, professors and visitors together to witness the diverse and inclusive nature of the school.

By inviting a vibrant dance routine into the assembly hall, students from all walks of life celebrated the talent of their school and the dedicated dance group.

Perhaps this is a technique other high schools and universities could use to keep their student network united…

10/10 to PAC for the incredible costumes! Source: Giphy

Here at Study International, we love to see student talent get noticed – especially if it involves dancing wizards and capes that are flying with creativity!

But we also love to see what other students thought about this dance. So, here are a few reactions that have been posted on Twitter so far:

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