Will international students benefit from £24m initiative in the North East of England?
Learners in the North East of England will benefit from this initiative, but how will impact international students? Source: NeonBrand/Unsplash

Yesterday, the UK’s Education Secretary Damian Hinds announced that the North East of England would be benefiting from a multi-million-pound government investment to boost social mobility and to inspire young learners to pursue their academic aspirations.

Labelled ‘Opportunity North East’, the UK Government aims to invest a “Further £12 million to boost early career training for new teachers and help improve the quality of teaching and raise standards in the region’s schools, ahead of roll-out in other regions.”

As other regions are expected to face similar improvements, there’s a chance that this project will greatly improve education quality at schools across the country.

But will the international student community feel the impact of these positive changes?

By aspiring to enhance the academic performance of young students and by opening doors to professional advancement opportunities, a great deal of hope that has been invested into this project.

If this initiative proves a success, it may well be rolled out to other regions and impact the futures of young, global learners.

‘Opportunity North East’ is eager to entice the next generation of students into new academic institutions.

As the UK Government report states, “The programmes delivered through Opportunity North East build on the Government’s efforts to create more good school places in the areas that need them most through the free schools programme.”

By forming exceptional educational experiences, future international learners may also have an assortment of incredible schools and colleges to choose from in the UK!

But currently, the involvement of international students with this North East of England initiative is yet to be seen…

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