Why you should master career development skills during your studies
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Today, the world of work is changing at rapid pace, increasing employer demand for graduates with a solid set of ‘soft skills’, coupled with a high standard of theoretical or technical knowledge gained during tertiary studies.

Current industry predictions from the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) ‘The New Work Order Report’ show that graduates today will hold an average of 17 jobs across their lifetime, remaining in each one for just over three years across five industry sectors.

This, coupled with a considerable rise in entrepreneurship, contracting and self-employment, means graduates are more likely to be self-employed and/or global workers. Therefore, great skills in communication, critical thinking, digital literacy, teamwork, self-management, professional ethics and emotional judgement are essential pre-requisites for any graduate.

This highlights the critical need for universities to deliver a program of personal skills development to ensure graduates can navigate the increasingly uncertain world of work and move with greater ease between industry sectors.

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As one of the world’s top business schools, recognised for excellence in teaching and research, Monash Business School in Melbourne, Australia is committed to a holistic educational program that actively prepares graduates for the complexities of a changing workforce.

As a Monash business student, you can expand your practical knowledge and boost your career potential through an extensive program of industry internships and projects, international study experiences and career development, coupled with opportunities for networking, mentoring and volunteering.

The good news for business graduates is that there has been a dramatic increase in career opportunities in areas such as professional services, where soft skills are as highly valued as business acumen and technical expertise.

Monash Business School offers a wide range of single and double degree options to suit all interest areas, pairing contemporary business and technical expertise with necessary skills for life.

If you’re intrigued by what makes markets, brands and organisations tick, a Bachelor of Business could be the perfect fit. How are brands built? What causes stock markets to soar and slide? Why do some businesses boom while others fail? With this qualification, you’ll acquire the perfect balance of marketing and management skills to make an impact in a variety of professional roles and organisations.

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Or, if you prefer a more analytical approach to problem solving and thrive in the use of big data to make informed decisions, a Bachelor of Commerce may be the best match. By cutting through complex business challenges and using mathematical skill to your advantage, you’ll take your knowledge beyond the classroom and create a future-proof career.

From mortgages and savings accounts to capital markets and financial forecasting – futures, derivatives, bonds, stocks and more; banks pay a huge role in every aspect of our lives and the business world.  With a Bachelor of Banking and Finance from Monash, you’ll learn skills required to build a successful career in the global finance sector.

To bring your entrepreneurial flair to life, the Bachelor of Business Administration covers many different dimensions of the business world, from examining balance sheets to stabilising business models. This degree could be perfect for budding ‘intrapreneurs’ dedicated to maximizing company performance, or ‘entrepreneurs’ looking to kick-start their own business.

At the international level, businesses today are facing a new generation of problems thanks to rapid globalisation. What would happen if China stopped producing cotton? Or Google suddenly crashed? International business is a fundamental part of what keeps our global society running smoothly.

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In the Bachelor of International Business, you’ll learn about the intricacies of conducting business in different countries and environments, from marketing and management to statistics, accounting and taxation law. Graduates of this degree often leave Monash with a sense of cultural appreciation and deep-rooted knowledge of international economies.

Accounting is the language of business and the foundation of a huge number of different careers. With the Bachelor of Accounting, you’ll discover what makes accounting so vital to business success, and why it’s more than just a numbers game.

A Bachelor of Accounting or undertaking a major in accounting can also prepare you to meet the accounting accreditation requirements of CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, The Institute of Public Accountants, The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Your professional life begins at Monash Business School. Here, you’ll be transformed into a career-driven graduate that’s ready to conquer your dream business role.

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