Why the US is still a leading destination for computer science graduate studies

Why the US is still a leading destination for computer science graduate studies

Year on year, students from all over the world choose to carry out their computer science graduate studies in the US, but why?

One potential reason could be that they’re hoping to follow the success of great US-based computer scientists from the past and present, such as Grace Hopper, Charles Simonyi and Sergey Brin

For instance, Brin was born in Russia but immigrated to the US at a young age. He then co-founded Google in 1998 after meeting his business partner (Larry Page) at university.

And pioneer of computer programming Grace Hopper earned her PhD in the US; she then popularised the idea of machine-independent programming languages, which led to the development of COBOL, an early high-level programming language still in use today. 

Another factor that may sway international students into securing a graduate computer science study programme in the US is the latest Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU).

In these global rankings, 13 out of the world’s top 20 universities are in the US, demonstrating the country as a top-tier computer science study hub.

These rankings are heavily based on research publication rate, international research collaboration and the number of papers published in the top journals in an academic subject, which makes it highly relevant for aspiring Master’s and PhD applicants. 

So if you’re hoping to carry out your computer science graduate studies in the US, why not start the process by taking a look at what the leading universities below have to offer:


Baylor University’s Department of Computer Science, has a small, selective graduate program, where students get the time, attention, resources, support, and opportunities to launch themselves as computer science professionals.

Through a selection of computer science graduate programmes, Baylor students develop a drive for solving real-world problems and acquire relevant knowledge about digital transformations.

One such programme is Baylor’s Master of Science in Computer Science. This programme offers students hands-on training in software systems development and expects students to work closely with faculty members on a thesis or project.

Baylor University

Whereas the PhD in Computer Science programme is designed for students who want to learn how to do research, and intend to continue doing research in the academy, industry or other positions.

Both of these graduate programmes are empowered by the excellent faculty who are experts in selective research areas such as machine learning, cybersecurity and networking, big data and data science, human computer interaction (HCI), software engineering, and bioinformatics.

Most graduate students at the department receive both tuition and stipend support by working as teaching assistants, research assistants, or developers for the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC).

The Department is also located on a caring, secure campus in Waco a drive away from Austin and Dallas, two rising tech hubs of Texas.

So if you’re ready to jumpstart your computer science career, click here to view the Department’s admissions process.


The Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences (ISC) is on a mission to lead the innovation of new information and computing technology through cutting-edge research collaborations.

By spreading their research and academic focus across many different computer science disciplines, such as artificial intelligence, computer architecture and educational technology, students graduate from the School with relevant knowledge and multidisciplinary skills. 

Following on this theme of multidisciplinary learning, the School’s MS Computer Science degree is a broad and flexible programme where students get to focus on contemporary modules such as computational neuroscience and data management. 

Once completed, this degree can lead learners towards challenging and in-demand computer science roles or towards their in-house PhD programme.

Click here to view more opportunities at UC Irvine. 


Johns Hopkins University in Maryland is committed to cultivating a diverse community in computer science.

Carrying out this commitment to diversity, the University’s Department of Computer Science keeps educational programmes accessible to a wide range of students, bringing multiple perspectives to their research projects and lecture hall discussions. 

One such programme that caters to a diverse student cohort is the Masters of Science in Engineering (MSE) in Computer Science degree. 

By choosing this study path, students will learn how to work independently on challenging tech problems and come up with smart, practical solutions. 

At the graduate level, the university also offers a cutting-edge PhD programme where students acquire strong, independent research skills and begin to develop their reputation as a valued member of the research community.

For further information about future-focused computer science graduate programmes at Johns Hopkins, click here to discover more. 


Students at Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Science acquire knowledge in the latest tech developments alongside a stellar foundation of critical thinking, problem-solving and team-building skills. 

For students who want to launch a degree in cyber ops, software development or information research, the College’s Master of Science in Computer Science programme is a suitable course choice.

Upon completion of this programme, Dakota State learners will possess a deep knowledge of core computer science subjects and the ability to create and implement solutions across a broad spectrum of computer application areas. 

They will also assist you in your research endeavours if you opt for a PhD in Cyber Operations or Cyber Defence, as well as help you plot a promising and prolific career in the industry.

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