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Why Saint-Denis International School is the place to be for international students

From cobbled streets and medieval castles to classical clock towers and panoramic views, the Loire Valley is defined by its authentic and charming living environment. The quaint commune of Loches, a historic “ville d’art et d’histoire”, provides an ideal backdrop for Saint-Denis International School.

Here, international students have been welcomed here for over 25 years, making up a multinational and supportive student body representing over 30 nationalities. Regardless of whether you’ve come to pick up the French language, participate in its exciting summer camps or enrol in its French baccalaureate programme, Saint-Denis is where students from all corners of the world find their place, academic excellence and personal development.

Two programmes, great outcomes

Thanks to the countryside and lush greenery surrounding them, Saint-Denis students learn in an idyllic, calm and safe environment. It’s rich in the arts, culture and history — ideal for students who speak English at a bilingual/native speaker level and are in the school’s BFI (baccalauréat français international) and Dual Diploma programmes.

Fully replacing the OIB in France as the international form of the French baccalaureate, the new BFI diploma focuses more on oral presentation and argumentation skills and dives deeper into how the section’s culture fits a broader world context. BFI students continue to follow the full national curriculum that makes up the French baccalaureate.

The Dual Diploma programme is just as global in approach. Saint-Denis students get to attend classes in a French school and of an American high school based in Florida through online delivery. Upon completion, they will receive the French Baccalauréat and a digital American High School Diploma, verified by their respective authorities (the French Ministry of Education and Florida’s Department of Education in the US).

Mastery of the French language

Saint-Denis ensures every student here, whether their French language skills are non-existent, intermediate, or advanced, gains a strong grasp of the French language. Lessons are hands-on, project-based and kept intentionally small to maximise learning outcomes. Outside of classes, students are encouraged to actively participate in campus activities such as regular exchange trips and Model European Parliament sessions.

Saint-Denis International School

Apart from welcoming students throughout the academic year, Saint-Denis also opens its doors to all students for its summer camps in July. Source: Saint-Denis International School

Each spring, the school invites international delegations from countries such as Italy, Bulgaria, Mexico, Vietnam and even South Africa, to its annual International Festival of Arts and Science, a fully student-led event. The event is meant to inspire a multicultural and multilingual exchange through music, dance and science.

More immersion in French culture helps students master the French language faster. During weekends and holiday periods, international students live with local host families and go on a variety of field trips to castles, the local market, chocolate shops, bakeries, zip lining courses, and amusement parks. These opportunities not only let students apply what they learn in class to the real world, but also connect them to locals in their community and beyond — making for one of the best and most enjoyable ways to learn a new language

Exciting activities and summer camps

In July, Saint-Denis opens its doors to more international students from all over the world. These summer camps last between two to four weeks. Students receive 15 hours of French classes weekly in a small class size of 15. Through different mediums and beyond the four walls of a classroom, these lessons are led by dedicated summer staff with plenty of hands-on activities such as kayaking, swimming and sports games to ensure students have a blast learning the language.

To learn more about joining this international community — apply here or visit the school virtually.

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