What makes the IALC in New York a five-star study destination
Image courtesy of Fordham University, IALC

“One belongs to New York instantly. One belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” – Thomas Wolfe

When it comes to inspiring study locations, there’s truly no place quite like New York.

Dubbed the City that Never Sleeps for good reason, or sometimes the less modest “center of the universe”, this is where dreams once thought impossible go to find that hidden door to reality.

And it’s not just the ebb and flow of busy Wall Street and the city’s pulsing cultural scene, or even the breath-taking skyline of spires that loom large over midtown Manhattan – New York captivates and enraptures, and offers the young and ambitious the promise of an uninhibited tomorrow.

“The best part about studying in NY is the cultural diversity,” says Karolina Motyka, an international student of the Pre-LLM English Language Program at the Institute of American Language and Culture (IALC).

As a respected extension of Fordham University – a forward-thinking Jesuit university with a 500-year tradition of excellence – the IALC allows students to think and achieve BIG, preparing them for success in US higher education by refining their English language skills.


With English as a Second Language (ESL) courses that blend small class sizes with state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated members of staff, students here receive an elite education in a vibrant city hub. As a first-rate, global institution, the IALC inspires creativity; encourages innovation; motivates critical thinking; and instills a sense of social responsibility, granting students the tools they need to thrive in today’s  world.

What makes this setting so special? Here are 10 reasons why the IALC in New York is a five-star study destination.

1. New York is a global city

New York is a well-known cultural “melting pot” in every sense of the phrase, bringing together students, teachers, and creatives from all backgrounds and walks of life. Experts believe the city is home to more than 800 different languages, with the US Census Bureau recording more than 176 being spoken in New York’s public schools alone.

The city’s intercultural community seeps into the IALC, with students gaining an invaluable global perspective as they learn alongside each other. “Fordham is an excellent university that is open to all foreigners who wish to come to the US to study,” Karolina explains, highlighting how Fordham and the IALC welcome international applicants with warm and open arms.

2. The city has something for everyone

There’s a reason why New York is known as the city that never sleeps! Whether you want to catch a Broadway musical or scope the coolest hang out spots, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to the hidden treasures of New York. And if you join the IALC Culture Club, you’ll truly get to experience the city at its best – from its quirky markets and other hole-in-the-wall gems to its blossom-laden Central Park, staggering upstate mountain views and everything in between.

Image courtesy of Fordham University IALC

3. New York is characterized by a cool and friendly vibe

Despite being the world’s second most populous city, the Big Apple’s smiling residents are known for being upbeat and outgoing, eager to talk about anything from the busy subway schedule to where to bag the best bagel. And while life outside the classroom can shock the system at first, students in the IALC’s Intensive English Program (IEP) learn to communicate with confidence and ease, mastering pronunciation, composition and control of the English language through a curriculum specifically tailored to their needs.

“I’m so glad I chose the ESL program at Fordham University because I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my language skills,” Karolina adds. “After one year of [study], I felt very confident talking in English, which gives me more motivation to continue improving myself.”

And with these first-rate academics at your feet, you’ll be chatting like a local in no time!

4. Nothing compares to New York City sunlight

There’s nothing like the nighttime glow of NY’s iconic cityscape, but the day illuminates this metropolis in an entirely different light. In fact, the sun on a fresh February afternoon can shine just as much as in July, and the IALC takes full advantage of every ray the city gets! The Institute’s unique Summer Sessions are emblazoned by the sun, with a variety of electives that bring out the season’s best. The IALC’s monthly photo contest, for example, gives students the chance to share their unique impressions of New York, encouraging them to use their smartphone cameras as innovative language learning tools.

Image courtesy of Fordham University IALC

5. The city cares about its people

New Yorkers care about their city. Volunteering to help others is a part of everyone’s life, whether it’s in a local church, a public school, or a neighborhood organization. Embracing the values of its home city, the IALC encourages students to delve into every aspect of community life. From the Language Exchange Program that allows students to learn from native English speakers to group field trips and explorations of the city’s best-loved sites, students feel like real New Yorkers from the very start.

6. New York is so much more than a busy concrete jungle

Just a quick train ride away from the city buzz, you can find yourself scaling rocky cliffs, roaming rolling hills, or even chilling out by the sea. And with the IALC Summer Institute’s three-week language immersion program, the city itself will serve as your real-life language lab, allowing you to soak up the New York lifestyle and put your English skills to use.

7. The city is a cosmopolitan hub

The multicultural nature of this city is what makes it so unique and is reflected in every aspect of IALC programming. The IALC prioritizes cultural enrichment and professional development, incorporating both into innovative content-based learning programs. IALC students gain an ‘insider’s view’ of this dynamic city, exploring major courtrooms, touring the United Nations, visiting museums, and so much more!

Image courtesy of Fordham University IALC

8. The IALC is set in a fast-paced learning environment

If you’re keen to stay busy and active, this is the perfect place for you! For some, the hasty New York lifestyle takes some getting used to, but IALC members of faculty, seasoned New Yorkers as well as global travelers, understand the scale of the transition that comes with studying abroad. These experienced professionals are always ready to offer guidance and support, and make sure you get the most out of this sleepless city.

9. “If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.”

There’s a reason why this city attracts the most talented and ambitious people in the world. If you’ve got a burning passion to achieve your potential, you’ll feel right at home at the IALC. Through special programs that include access to private tutors, study groups and customized English language study packages, the IALC helps put students on the path to realizing their lifelong aspirations.

10. New York City is home

It’s impossible not to fall in love with this fascinating place. Many students who have pursued a course at the IALC go on to further their education at Fordham itself, while others go on to forge long and successful careers all around the globe. Whatever you choose to do, there’s one thing you’ll know for sure: New York is, and will always be, your home away from home.

Apply to Fordham’s IALC and turn those BIG dreams into reality.

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