What does it mean to be a McNeese student?

No matter where you are in the world, you’ll always find someone who speaks passionately about their alma mater. Many people have great memories of their university years; it’s a time when people forge long-lasting friendships, find their life-long partners and attempt to live independently…often with interesting results!

Another thing that makes people look so fondly back on their student days is owed to the overwhelming sense of camaraderie and community, making students proud to be a part of their respective institutions.

While most students will choose their university based on things like reputation and curriculum, tuition fees and location, it’s just as important to consider a university based on quality of student experience. It’s difficult to find an academic institution that fulfils each of these requirements, but McNeese State University might just tick the boxes.

Ranked one of the top public universities by U.S News and World Report, McNeese is an institution that provides modern teaching and learning methods, service-learning opportunities, cultural engagement, and athletic excellence. Keen to know more? Read on to find out exactly what it means to be a McNeese student…

The Curriculum

The university boasts several world-class faculties, each one providing a diverse range of academic specializations. Some of the schools include the College of Business, Engineering and Computer Science, Liberal Arts, Nursing and Health Professions, Science and Agriculture, and many more. McNeese’s programs are among the best in the U.S, remaining increasingly competitive among the nation’s leading universities. The College of Business, for example, is among the top five percent of business schools worldwide to be accredited by the AACS of Business International.

Besides that, McNeese offers master’s programs in education, engineering, arts and sciences, nursing and business, and an array of liberal arts programs at baccalaureate level. Home to over 7,500 students, it isn’t difficult to see why people choose to study there. Aside from a balanced program, the university ensures that each student graduates with discipline-specific expertise and dispositions, and general education skills like critical thinking, effective communication and independent learning.

“I loved how you get a more well-rounded education at McNeese State University,” says Ana, a McNeese senior who’s majoring in Political Science. “Besides studying the main subjects, you can select electives that do not necessarily have to relate to your major. For instance, I took fine arts and foreign language classes as part of my elective.”


 It’s important to choose a university that’s versatile, and McNeese is one that proves to be just this. The school has plenty of activities and entertainment options to keep students busy throughout the year, including an outstanding athletic program for both  men and women. The university, which is a member of the Southland Conference, competes for championships in the following sports: indoor track, cross country, outdoor track, baseball, golf, and more.

These sports programs are created to develop and build character among students. It provides them with opportunities to achieve personal growth and instils valuable sportsmanship experience for those competing on a national level.

But if you’re just hoping to join any sports team for recreational purposes, that’s fine too! In fact, the number of activities available at McNeese is one of the main student attractions. “I chose to study here because it had many activities such sports, events, clubs, and competitions,” says Phat, a freshman at McNeese, majoring in Accounting. “I participated in a few clubs as I enjoy playing sports. I was also a member of the New Man club and was part of the soccer team on campus.”

An International Community

Nothing feels better than having a group of friendly people welcome you in with warm and open arms. At McNeese State University, international students have it pretty good, with the Multicultural Programs Office working to create an appreciation of all cultures through events drawn from around the globe.

Some of the events include ‘Multicultural Week’, ‘Black History programs’, ‘Women’s Empowerment Luncheons’ and many more. These events are conducted all year-round to promote a greater understanding among local and international students.

Aside from that, students get to join over a 100 student groups and organizations implemented by the university. For a full list of what McNeese State University offers, click here.

If you’d rather experience a taste of McNeese in person, you can also make your way to the Holbrook Student Union complex, where staff are on-hand to help with various enquiries. The students’ union has several student-led initiatives that add value to your university experience by nurturing leadership, promoting philanthropy and creating awareness on local, regional and global issues.

For Ana, it wasn’t difficult to meet new people, but she still really sympathized with students who do need to try. “It’s not hard to make friends and joining a club or playing a sport makes it a lot easier to meet people because you will be in the company of those who have something in common with you,” she explains.

As they say, there’s no place like home, but McNeese State University goes out of its way to make local and international students feel welcome at their host institution. With its great academic program, a variety of activities and a fantastic international community, what more could you possibly ask for?

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