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Source: Wellington School of Design

One of New Zealand’s leading tertiary providers of education for the built environment, the Wellington School of Architecture at the Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) provides postgraduate programmes for a range of disciplines, from architecture to building science, as well as landscape architecture and interior architecture.

Based in the heart of New Zealand’s capital city, students at the Wellington School of Architecture can take advantage of Wellington’s globally recognised creative sector through regular networking sessions, internship opportunities and international events.

The Wellington School of Architecture is also closely linked to industry, ensuring a practical focus in its educational offerings. It has industry associations and partnerships with the Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ), New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA), New Zealand Registered Architects Board (NZRAB), New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (NZILA) and more.

At VUW, it’s a potent combination of innovative postgraduate programmes, influential industry connections and energetic location, making the Wellington School of Architecture a hub to inspire the next generation of dynamic architects.

dynamic architects

Source: Wellington School of Design

Master of Architecture (MArch)

Lasting one year or 18 months (part-time), the Master of Architecture (MArch) course allows you to deepen your understanding of a chosen aspect of architecture and to elevate your undergraduate knowledge to greater heights.

A multifaceted course designed to suit your career expectations, you have the chance to study not only architecture but also specialisms such as landscape architecture, interior architecture and building science.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to become a professional architect, consider the Master of Architecture (Professional) programme. Recognised by the New Zealand Registered Architects Board (NZRAB), this course fulfills the academic requirements for registration to practice as an architect.

For MArch (Professional) student Duong Nguyen, the programme allowed him to develop research within his area of interest, explore the architectural discipline at an advanced level and work towards becoming a registered architect.

A highlight of his time at VUW is the close relationship he had with his supervisors, Tane Moleta and Professor Marc Aurel Schnabel.

dynamic architects

Source: Wellington School of Design

“They were open to all ends of exploration with my research. They also provided me with opportunities to work with aspects of it outside the university, which enriched my personal development and research project as a whole,” says Duong.

Master of Architectural Science (MArchSc)

A new addition to the Wellington School of Architecture’s postgraduate programme selection, the Master of Architectural Science (MArchSc) allows you to explore building construction and performance, how building materials function, sustainability in the industry and the relationship between buildings and the environment.

You will also get a practical grounding in how buildings impact the natural world through their design, new trends in management, construction, technology, operation, and maintenance, with the option to specialise in Project Management or Sustainable Engineering Systems study areas.

Offering two study routes, students can either opt for the 180-point Master of Architectural Science (MArchSc), a one-year professional programme combined with an architectural science research methods course and an industry-related project or practicum for real-world experience in the field.

Or, you can choose the 240-point Master of Architectural Science (Research) route, which focuses on self-directed research and has two consecutive components, taking two years to complete if you enrol full-time.

dynamic architects

Source: Wellington School of Design

Master of Interior Architecture (MIA)

An internationally recognised programme through affiliations with the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) and the Interior Design/Interior Architecture Educators Association (IDEA), the Master of Interior Architecture (MIA) programme teaches you how to create innovative interiors that respond well to the many demands of space such as performance, identity, mood and physical comfort.

Through a combination of taught courses and a self-directed, design-led research thesis or portfolio, you’ll study interior architecture in detail and examine how design can affect the way people experience, interact with and move through an interior.

For VUW graduate Charlotte Hughes-Hallett, the experience gained from her MIA degree are now valuable assets in her career today. The most transferable skills gained at VUW, she said, were presenting, communication, feedback and problem-solving.

“Those skills are indispensable and will guide me forward,” says Charlotte.

Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)

If you want to gain an expert understanding of key design practices and issues, as well as the effective use of design strategies through all stages of the design process, then the Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) is the best course for you.

dynamic architects

Source: Wellington School of Design

You’ll study, question and test ideas and theories as you work towards completing your design-led research Master’s thesis or a portfolio. You’ll also learn about the legal and ethical obligations of a professional landscape architect.

One student that enjoyed her MLA experience at VUW is Celia Hall. After completing a Graduate Diploma in Designed Environments as a bridging pathway after her undergraduate degree, Celia pursued this Master’s programme to establish a career in landscape architecture.

“I’ve always been interested in environmental design psychology. Coupling this with my love of plants and passion for ecological restoration, landscape architecture is the perfect synergy of my interests. I feel lucky to be able to study alongside like-minded people,” says Celia.

So if you wish to apply for a postgraduate programme at the Wellington School of Architecture, and to transition into a dynamic, career-ready architect, click here to view the postgraduate handbook for 2020 or here to request further information.  

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