Wellington ICT Graduate School: New Zealand’s creative capital gets a hi-tech boost
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Wellington ICT Graduate School: New Zealand’s creative capital gets a hi-tech boost

Your unique set of skills are just as valuable as the technical skills you’ll learn at the ICT Graduate School…

Wellington’s two leading Institutes of Technology, WelTec and Whitireia, plus Victoria University of Wellington, have combined their talents and resources to create the ultimate student experience. Known as New Zealand’s ‘creative capital’, this is the perfect place to kick-start your global learning venture, with the ICT Graduate School serving as the backdrop to your professional success.

As the world becomes more and more digitally enabled, our future takes a confident shift toward a highly digitised economy. It’s an era that has seen the lines between human and artificial intelligence become progressively blurred, seeping into daily life to become the new reality.

“Augmented, mixed and virtual reality are finding a home in business, with enterprise adoption of “digital reality” technology outpacing the consumer market epitomized by AR/VR headsets,” notes an article for Wired. “Google Glass, the eyewear that doubles as a heads-up display was first marketed to consumers, but has since quietly been finding a new home in manufacturing, where heads-up display eyewear lets skilled factory workers keep their eyes on their work, rather than constantly turning to a computer screen.

“Deloitte sees five big opportunities for exploring digital reality in the enterprise: connect, know, learn, play, and explore.”

That’s why the Wellington ICT Graduate School was established back in 2016. This new, contemporary school sets the standard for advanced ICT education in Wellington, ensuring an industry-driven, experiential education that prepares graduates to become leaders of the tech sector, locally and globally.

Along with other WelTec and Whitireia IT programmes, staff and students are frequently brought together with local ICT firms, start-ups and the wider tech ecosystem to nurture talent, ideas and connections to fuel lasting growth, both across the Wellington region and beyond.

The ICT industry has been rapidly evolving throughout New Zealand over the past few years, and nowhere has this growth been more evident than in Wellington. With more than 13,000 full-time ICT jobs in the Wellington region, producing over a quarter of the country’s ICT-related GDP, Wellington really is the heart of IT in New Zealand.

In conjunction with the ICT Graduate School, WelTec and Whitireia offers a diverse range of IT programmes, from entry-level Certificate and Diploma courses, through to Bachelor’s degree, postgraduate and Master’s qualifications. These postgraduate programmes offer students the ability to specialise in the exciting areas of software development, engineering practice and business analysis, through to design technology and user experience (UX) design.

All of WelTec and Whitireia’s Master’s-level programmes have been specifically-designed for students with a Bachelor’s degree in an ICT or computing-related discipline, and are aimed specifically at sharpening the technical expertise and knowledge of those already working in IT, or otherwise seeking to enter the ICT sector.

In a constantly expanding ‘glocalised’ ICT industry, leading New Zealand brands such as Weta, PikPok and Xero – all typical of this dynamic creative sector with global reputations and an increasingly global footprint – are just some of Wellington’s recent tech-based success stories.

WelTec and Whitireia also recently opened a state-of-the-art creative campus, Te Auaha, home to the New Zealand Institute of Creativity, right in the heart of the city. This brand-new facility is set to boost future collaboration between creative industries and the tech sector.

Wellington really is the ideal place to study ICT, courtesy of its world-class creative environment, with a significant digital, film and gaming industry paired with an innovative start-up culture.

There’s never been a better time to take the next step and study ICT in New Zealand’s creative capital, and WelTec and Whitireia have got every tech base covered.

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