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When Sanghyeon Yun first arrived at Washington Academy, he never imagined that his weakest subject would one day be his biggest strength. “I was an ordinary student when I was young, but there was something I wasn’t particularly good at. It was a subject related to math,” he says. “I knew many students also felt math was difficult, but it really stressed me out.”

This all changed when he was 13 years old. “My math teacher helped me become a different person. One who does not run or hide from math problems,” he says.

Yun spent almost every day with his math teacher. With each day, he improved at a speed that suited him. Today, he considers math his favourite and best subject. Perhaps more importantly, he credits his teacher for giving him newfound confidence — so much so that he now captains WA’s Math Team.  “I have tried to solve lots of advanced math problems since when I was a sophomore in high school. Yun was the WA Math Team captain his Senior year, and was also dedicated to  helping other students improve,” he says.

Located in East Machias, Maine, WA has been successfully helping young people take the first big step toward achieving their dreams for 230 years. Whether it’s math, science, the arts, sports, technology or more, this is where students from all walks of life find the courses, mentors and environment to realise their diverse dreams. Every student is assigned a long-term advisor and a peer pair to guide them through choosing courses, managing schedules and settling into life at WA. No matter your challenge, you’ll find the help and support you need every step of the way.

He’s taken up many opportunities to improve and explore his newfound love for math — such as joining his senior year’s Mathematical Association of America’s American Mathematics Competition. “I didn’t have any information about it before, but Dr. Dean, Washington Academy’s Math Department Chair and teacher recommended me to participate in it. I heard that I could see and try to solve lots of advanced math problems, and it encouraged me to participate,” he shares.

At WA, students follow a rigorous academic curriculum that focuses on core subjects such as mathematics, science, language, arts, and social studies, along with a variety of elective courses to cater to their diverse interests. The Academy also prioritises college preparatory programmes, offering advanced placement (AP) courses or other challenging academic tracks to prepare students for higher education.

On-campus AP courses cover subjects such as English Literature, US History, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Students can access online AP courses as well, which include subjects like Computer Science, Environmental Science, European History, Economics, Psychology, Spanish Language, Statistics, US Government, and World History.

Washington Academy

At WA, Sanghyeon Yun can excel academically while exploring his athletic interests. Source: Washington Academy

Yun makes full use of WA’s wide range of subjects and extracurricular activities. The school focuses on both academics and athletics and aims to provide students with a well-rounded education that nurtures their intellectual and physical development. It recognises the importance of balancing academic excellence with athletic achievement and believes that participating in sports can contribute to a student’s overall growth, discipline, teamwork, and character building. Students can join a range of sports programmes, such as football, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, track and field and tennis.

What Yun loves most about this balance of sports and study is seeing how he can be a better person from them. “I always see questions, try to choose the right way to solve them, and solve them. Even when I am in the gym and playing basketball, I not only play games with my friends but also spend lots of time practising alone to improve my skills,” he says. “I feel satisfied each time I see my three-point success rate is getting better. It’s a driving force to me.”

Washington Academy

In addition to academics and sports, Yun also enjoys expressing himself through music. Source: Washington Academy

The small student-to-teacher ratio of 12:1 allows for personalised attention and fosters strong relationships between students and teachers. This gives Yun a sense of belonging, not just with this maths team but throughout WA’s entire 75-acre New England campus.

Ultimately, what WA does is empower students to explore their talents, discover new strengths and become lifelong learners. It offers a transformative education that nurtures students into future leaders.

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