Virtual and vibrant: The best schools of the 21st century

The 21st-century classroom extends far beyond physical walls. Online learning platforms have revolutionised education, offering students access to top-tier institutions regardless of location. Gone are the days when a quality education required you to relocate close to a prestigious school.

Online schools present an important alternative for families who yearn to provide their children with a world-class education but lack the resources to move to another city or country. These virtual classrooms let students learn from esteemed educators across the globe, mingle with a more diverse range of peers and master digital literacy — all building blocks for success in university and beyond.

Source: Dwight Global Online School

Dwight Global Online School

For over 150 years, Dwight School, one of New York City’s oldest independent schools, has stood out for its brand of personalised learning, global vision, and strong sense of community. This commitment to developing future leaders extends worldwide through Dwight Global Online School, a leading U.S. online high school.

At Dwight Global, expert faculty members guide students on a rigorous and tailored academic journey. They empower students to embrace their talents, pursue their passions, and take intellectual risks. This approach works — graduates join top universities like Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Princeton, Yale, NYU, and others.

Dwight’s legacy of innovation shines through in its online programme. Live video conferences connect students with teachers and peers, while on-demand resources offer anytime learning. Personalised tutorials, reminiscent of Oxford and Cambridge models, further enrich the experience. This allows Dwight Global to educate future leaders anywhere, while still offering opportunities for on-campus experiences through residential programmes

Dwight Global leverages the international reach of the Dwight Schools network — with campuses in major cities like New York, London, Seoul, Shanghai, Dubai, and Hanoi. Dwight Global is a sought-after online school and was even chosen by the renowned IB organisation to deliver the prestigious two-year online Diploma Programme.

Learn more about the innovative online school igniting the spark of genius in each student.

At Highgrove, students learn to take responsibility for their learning. Source: Highgrove Education/Facebook

Highgrove Education

Highgrove Education, established by the experienced team behind Harrow School Online, offers a unique online learning experience for ambitious students worldwide. Led by Principal Heather Rhodes, the school builds upon a proven track record of success, with 78% of A levels at Harrow Online achieving A* or A grades in 2023.

Highgrove Online School provides a full-time, co-educational environment to nurture well-rounded global citizens. Students develop their academic potential while preparing for GCSE and A Level exams. Together with peers from across the globe, each student shares a common drive for excellence in grades and character.

Independent learning is a key theme. Students engage with interactive self-study materials before attending live, interactive lessons. These sessions allow them to apply and deepen their knowledge. Live lessons and extracurricular activities occur at set times (morning or afternoon UK time), but students manage their self-study schedules. Dedicated teachers and learning coaches provide more guidance such as time management and independent learning strategies — both of which are part of its robust support system.

Students receive additional help via drop-in office hours and regular meetings with their House Tutor for academic goal tracking. What’s more, students also benefit from fortnightly one-on-one sessions with a dedicated learning coach who provides guidance and support in exploring their university and career aspirations.

Sabrina, a mother of two students, couldn’t be happier with the Highgrove Online School system. “What truly sets Highgrove Online School apart is the exceptional teaching staff, led by Principal Ms Rhodes and her staff, who are dedicated to their students’ success,” she says. “They’ve perfected the art of transferring exceptional teaching into an online format and consistently provide their students with an outstanding academic experience that surpasses the norm.”

The Crimson Global Academy’s CGA Flex empowers highly motivated students to self-schedule their learning within the school term calendar. Source: Crimson Global Academy/Facebook

Crimson Global Academy

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) is a world-class online school, accredited internationally, that offers students worldwide a chance to earn recognised qualifications through live, real-time learning with experienced instructors.

CGA has a faculty of highly qualified teachers based around the globe. These educators, with over 20 years of experience, have a proven track record of success. They’ve coached national academic teams, mentored students who topped their subjects in their countries and prepared students for admission to prestigious universities like Oxbridge and the Ivy League.

CGA empowers students with a variety of learning pathways. Choose from internationally recognised programmes like International GCSEs, A Levels, and Advanced Placement courses, or pursue a US High School Diploma. 

CGA Flex offers an approach fit for highly motivated students seeking ultimate scheduling flexibility. Students set their own learning pace within the school term, receiving access to recorded live classes, homework materials, and personalised coaching. With a five-hour weekly commitment, students can earn full credit by completing all learning activities.

For all the control it places on the hands of students, CGA Flex doesn’t leave them adrift. Dedicated Personalised Education Coaches (PECs) provide guidance throughout the learning journey. Students receive up to 30 hours of one-on-one coaching, including weekly meetings to review progress, discuss educational needs, and plan for success. Your PEC is your advocate, ensuring your learning aligns with your aspirations.

Committed to student success, PECs also monitor progress. If students fall behind – missing assignments or classes — they recommend joining live sessions to stay accountable and achieve their learning goals.

The result? CGA graduates are well-positioned for success. The academy has a strong alumni network, with admissions to top universities like Stanford, Columbia, King’s College London, and NYU.

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