VIRAL: Students totally slay with this awesome prom pic…

Everyone knows that prom is the ideal occasion to nail the perfect shot with all your best buds.

And in a big-bad world full of poses, there are so many snap-happy variations to make you and the homies look fly…

There’s the casual in-motion strut

Via Pinterest.

Looking fresh, ladies!

Or what about the sassy, no-nonsense boo

Via Pinterest.

Whoooo child!

Ooooh what about this edgy jacket/shoe switch-up combo

Via Pinterest.

Well at least it’s…memorable…

What about making it a family affair with this classic scorned father shot

Via Pinterest.

N’aaw, one to show the grand kids!

Then there’s even the good ol’ gaze into the distance pose…

Via SLRLounge.

Looking good fellas!

But while we’re on the subject of awesome prom photos (depending on what you might define as *ahem*…’awesome’…), no one, and I mean no one, slays the prom snap quite like this dope-ass crew…

You ready?

‘Cause these guys were born ready…

Via BN Focus Photography.


One more time now…

Image via BN Focus Photography.

Guys, stop! Too much cool!

Not only does this picture grace us with the presence of some of the world’s most iconic superheoes, they are also charming us with a casual gaze into the distance AND colour co-ordination that’s nothing if not perfection.

The photo, shot by Johnny Bolinger of BN Focus Photography, quickly went viral, with 382k likes and 300,147 shares at the time of writing.

I mean, who would have expected anything else for something that’s positively oozing with so much class and sophistication. Even this guy can’t get over how good he looks…


Bolinger, who was sent to capture his cousin’s son Caleb, a.k.a smug-old Superman up there, told the Huffington Post that the students’ unique pose came as quite a shock to him.

“They knew exactly what they were doing, but I had no idea when I showed up to take the photos,” he said.

“My photo was kinda from the hip so to speak.”

Well Bolinger, now you’ve gone all viral and stuff, and this guy is totally balling…

And I really would be too, because THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is how you’re supposed to prom!


Banner image via BN Focus Photography.

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