VIRAL: Students share their teachers’ oddball moments with #MyTeacherIsWeird hashtag

It’s not easy being a teacher. In fact, it can get pretty stressful, what with handling students and grading assignments and all the other tasks they have to juggle.

At the end of the day, though, teachers are ordinary people too, and may have some, er … unique ways of dealing with the pressures of the job – and by that I mean they can get downright weird sometimes.

U.S. comedian and talk show host Jimmy Fallon recently asked people on Twitter to share their teachers’ strangest moments using the hashtag #MyTeacherIsWeird, and boy, did they deliver!

Here are some of the tweets which had us chuckling and shaking our heads:

Now, similar to the age-old conundrum of chicken vs. egg, we’re not sure if eccentric people are attracted to the teaching profession, or if years of teaching tend to knock some screws loose, but either way … teachers – we salute you!

Image via Flickr

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