VIDEO: Safety tips for the student abroad

safety tips
Bit of a daredevil, are you? Be extra wary of your surroundings if you're alone abroad! Pic: itti ratanakiranaworn/Shutterstock

While there’s nothing more exhilarating than going YOLO and throwing caution to the wind, it would also be quite nice to live to see the next day.

Similarly exciting is your study abroad experience – everything’s a thrill. If you could, you’d want to do everything and miss out on nothing.

By all means, spread your wings, pound those pavements, paint the town red… do as you please. But take care of yourself while you’re at it (we don’t all have Liam Neeson-esque dads with mad fighting chops to save us from hostage situations).

With that in mind, stay safe with the help of our nifty little video here:

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