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Üsküdar University: Your gateway to a world-class health science education

In the heart of Istanbul, where ancient echoes whisper amidst bustling modernity, thrives a university unlike any other. Founded by the visionary Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan, a distinguished psychiatrist, Üsküdar University prides itself on being a specialised university for Behavioural and Health Sciences.

Imagine stepping into a vibrant mosaic, where threads of Medicine, Psychology, Genetics, Communication, and Engineering Sciences intertwine, woven together by a multidisciplinary approach. This is what defines Üsküdar University. Here, curiosity isn’t confined to departments but spills over into collaborations, one fuelled by a strategic location in Europe’s largest metropolis and over 80 research laboratories, R&D units, and innovation hubs like BrainPark Incubation Center, SiliconTurk, and Technopark.

All of this ensures the university is constantly evolving and always pushing the boundaries of academic excellence. This breeding ground for groundbreaking discoveries is recognised internationally, including accreditation from prestigious bodies and participation in Erasmus programmes.

Üsküdar University has modern libraries, laboratories and an international community. Source: Üsküdar University

Üsküdar University has modern libraries, laboratories and an international community. Source: Üsküdar University

As a student here, you’ll learn from a faculty that includes scientists who hold schizophrenia drug patents, members of the UN Drug Control Board, and environmental advocates shaping global policy. They challenge students to think beyond textbooks and into the real world, where their knowledge can make a tangible difference.

Over 25,000 students, including 4,000 international students from 100 countries, have embraced Üsküdar University’s motto: “Life is a choice.” They’ve chosen to be part of a unique University-Hospital cooperation model, where academic rigour blends seamlessly with clinical training, fostering an ideal culture built on ethical values and personalised education.

The Faculty of Medicine offers two programmes — one in Turkish and another in English. At the core of their educational philosophy lies the Hybrid Education Model, a fusion of Integrated and Problem-Based Learning. This model unfolds across three pivotal stages: Pre-Clinical Education, Clinical Education, and Internship Periods, each integrating Basic and Clinical Sciences.

During the Pre-Clinical Internship Period, you’ll follow a comprehensive curriculum that includes key subjects such as the Scientific Basics of Medicine, Anatomy, Physiology, Histology and Embryology, Medical Pharmacology, Medical Biochemistry, and many more. These lay the groundwork for a profound understanding of the human body and its intricate workings.

One of the hallmarks of medical education here is the opportunity to practise at NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital and Istanbul Ataşehir Memorial Hospital. The former is Türkiye’s first specialised neuropsychiatric hospital, set up to provide cutting-edge treatment for soul/brain-related health issues. NPİSTANBUL is the second Brain Hospital in Europe and is run and owned by Üsküdar University. This dynamic partnership injects real-world experiences and research opportunities into the curriculum, bridging the gap between theory and practice. Hafsat Yusuf, a medical student, chose Üsküdar University for this very reason.

“The university’s hospitals are equipped with expert doctors and modern medical equipment, providing students with experience in various real-life cases,” Yusuf says. “Internship and practical training opportunities offer a chance to combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills, contributing to the path of becoming a reliable medical professional after graduation.”

Samadova believes that Üsküdar University will enrich her student life and help her take more confident steps toward her career goals after graduation. Source: Üsküdar University

Samadova believes that Üsküdar University will enrich her student life and help her take more confident steps toward her career goals after graduation. Source: Üsküdar University

Beyond medicine, psychology students benefit from the Brain Hospital’s practical lessons and internship opportunities. This, combined with the university’s research centres and many laboratories, creates a rich learning environment for students across various disciplines — something Zhala Samadova, a psychology student, can attest to.

“When I think about my time at Üsküdar University, I had an amazing experience. The quality of education and the positive learning environment satisfied me,” Samadova says. “The academic staff consists of experts, and the courses provide a comprehensive learning experience by integrating theoretical knowledge with everyday life.”

The Faculty of Dentistry offers a unique curriculum that combines basic medical education with the expertise of the Faculty of Medicine and practical lessons in the Üsküdar Dental Hospital, taking a holistic approach to dental education. Dedicated spaces for Preventive Dentistry, Informatics and Robotic Systems, and Geriatric Dentistry provide independent, content-enriched courses, reflecting the faculty’s commitment to staying at the forefront of dental advancements.

“I chose Üsküdar University Dentistry for its emphasis on artistic formation and integration of technology, including informatics and robotic systems,” student Manzar Valiyeva says. “The programme provides a unique blend of artistic and technological education, enhancing my aesthetic understanding, visual memory, and technology skills. This will prepare me to adapt to dental innovations and implement effective treatment methods.”

Üsküdar University’s dedication to excellence is reflected in its global rankings. It is among the top 350 universities on the QS EECA (Emerging Europe and Central Asia) list and one of the two institutions with the most development in the SCIMAGO “Research Index” Ranking. Üsküdar University is one of the seven universities accepted into the Turquality Brand Support Programme as well, further solidifying its status as a prestigious institution committed to academic and research excellence.

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