US: University of Arizona regents vote to increase tuition for new students
The university can expect to bring in an extra US$3.5 million from other fees to be charged on its students. Source: Shutterstock

Incoming undergrads at the University of Arizona (UA) will face a one percent increase in tuition and a long list of fees after the Arizona Board of Regents’ voted to approve a new fee package yesterday.

According to, this brings the total cost for a UA education for incoming in-state undergrads at US$12,228 and US$35,658 for out-of-state students. Existing students will not be affected by this tuition increase.

The vote also means UA can expect to bring in an extra US$3.5 million from other fees to be charged on its students, which includes US$425 for recreation, US$535 for information and library, US$150 student services fees and US$100 athletics fee.

The tuition and fee hikes come in the wake of the board’s vote today on whether to hire Robert C. Robbins as UA’s next president with a job package of US$988,000 in salary and benefits, a move students see as a misalignment of priorities by UA.

Matthew Rein from the Associated Students of University of Arizona called for the regents to consider what sort of message the high salary sends to students in a time of continued tuition increases.

“I urge the Arizona Legislature, University of Arizona and the Arizona Board of Regents to re-evaluate their priorities.” – Rein

Regents President Eileen Klein said at the meeting yesterday the body had heard a lot lately from students on fees and how the revenues are deployed. While universities already conducted audits on how fees are used, that information should be more visible and streamlined for students.

The UA has seen hackles on rising fees by its student cohort, who last year successfully fought against a motion to charge an annual US$200 athletics fee on students to, among others, renovate the 79-year-old Arizona Stadium.

UA spokesman Chris Sigurdson then said money collected from the fees would not be used to pay coaches’ salaries.

Now, after yesterday’s vote, an athletics fee will again be charged, though at a lower rate of US$100. The cost will allow undergraduates to attend some games for free whereas graduates can choose to pay US$50.

While sports was a big part of Alexandra Cordell, a graduating senior’s UA experience, she understands other students may not care as much.

 “I don’t think this fee should be imposed on students who do not share those same values,” Cordell said.

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