Ever considered studying in Florida? Source: Shutterstock.
Ever considered studying in Florida? Source: Shutterstock.

According to US News, Florida has maintained pole position for the second year running as the top US destination for higher education.

With a choice from 145 colleges and universities in the ‘Sunshine State’, Florida is making waves in the world of higher ed.
“It is great news that Florida has again ranked first in the nation,” the state’s Governor Rick Scott responded to the rankings in a statement.

He said the state has made “major investments” in higher education over the past seven years, including working towards more affordable education and increasing job prospects for graduates.

“A leading higher education system helps strengthen our state as the best place for families, students and job creators to succeed,” he said.

“We will continue to work together to hold the line on tuition and support our state colleges and universities so families and students can continue to achieve their dreams in Florida.”

The Miami Herald reported state legislators have indeed invested significant amounts of money in the higher education system, however, it has come at the cost of smaller state colleges. An extra US$232 million was given to large universities in the state at the same time cuts were made to small state colleges.

While overall Florida came out on top through combined scores, the state did not earn top place in any individual rankings.

The final rankings are as follows:

  1. Florida
  2. Utah
  3. Washington
  4. California
  5. Wyoming
  6. North Dakota
  7. Nebraska
  8. Iowa
  9. Colorado
  10. North Carolina

The 2018 rankings considered multiple aspects to studying including how long it takes for students to complete their programs, the cost of tuition fees, and the burden of debt on graduates.

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