US News Rankings: The top 10 universities in each global region
The National University of Singapore is ranked first in the fifth edition of US News Best Global Universities Rankings. Source: Facebook/

The US News & World Report’s fifth annual Best Global University Rankings was released earlier this week.

More than 1,200 universities in 75 countries were evaluated in a bid to offer insight into how universities compare with each other on the global stage. The rankings began with a pool of 1,372 universities, extracted from Clarivate Analytics’ global reputation survey. US News then added 1,368 institutions that had met the minimum threshold of 1,500 papers published between 2012 and 2016.

After removing duplicates, each institution was ranked using 13 indicators to measure global research performance, which includes global research reputation; regional research reputation; and the number of publications that stand among the 10 percent most cited. The full list of indicators can be found here.

From this, we can see the rankings focus specifically on schools’ academic research and reputation overall, rather than their separate undergraduate or graduate provisions.

It’s a handy guide for prospective international students to benchmark how schools in their own country and region perform against those across the world. This year’s ranking, for example, shows that Asia’s top five universities achieved scores that are comparable to the top five universities in Australia and New Zealand. Such perspective gives the prospective student more information to calculate the cost-benefit of any planned academic endeavours overseas.

These are the top 10 universities in each global region, according to the rankings:


University Global Score
University of Cape Town 66.6
University of Witwatersrand 59.9
University of KwaZulu Natal 53.3
Stellenbosch University 53.1
University of Johannesburg 50.5
University of Pretoria 48.9
Cairo University 48.2
Makerere University 46.5
Mansoura University 39.4
North West University – South Africa 59


University Global Score
National University of Singapore 75.2
Nanyang Technological University 73.8
Tsinghua University 73.4
University of Tokyo 72.2
Peking University 72
King Abdulaziz University 70.8
University of Hong Kong 67.7
Weizmann Institute of Science 66.8
Kyoto University 65.6
Seoul National University 65.1

Australia/New Zealand

University Global Score
University of Melbourne 77.5
University of Sydney 76.6
University of Queensland 74.4
Monash University 72.2
Australian National University 72.1
University of New South Wales 71.7
University of Western Australia 69.7
University of Adelaide 67.9
University of Auckland 64.3
University of Otago


University Global Score
University of Oxford 87.6
University of Cambridge 85.8
Imperial College London 82.3
University College London 81.6
Swiss Federal Institute of
Technology Zurich
University of Edinburgh 77.3
Universite Paris Saclay (ComUE) 76.8
University of Copenhagen 75.7
King’s College London 74.8
École Polytechnique Federale of Lausanne 74.7

Latin America

University Global Score
Universidade de São Paulo 64
Pontificia University Católica
de Chile
State University of Campinas 53.4
Federal University of Rio
de Janeiro
University of Buenos Aires 52
National Autonomous University
of Mexico
University of Chile 50.8
UNESP – Universidade
Estadual Paulista
Federal University of Minas
Federal University of Rio
Grande do Sul

North America

University Global Score
Harvard University 100
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 97.6
Stanford University 93.8
University of California–Berkeley 90.8
California Institute of Technology 85.9
Columbia University 85.6
Princeton University 84.7
University of Washington 84.6
Yale University 84.2
Johns Hopkins University 59

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