US: Biggest party schools vs most sober schools of 2018 - survey
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The Princeton Review’s “Best Colleges” rankings for 2018 is now out, ranking 382 schools in aspects from best professors to most beautiful campuses as well as the happiest student bodies.

Of course, no list is complete without an assessment of its student life and the way they party. No wonder then Princeton’s Biggest Party Schools list is one of its most popular.

One students says in the 2018 edition, as quoted by HuffPost:

“People are definitely partiers. If you’re not going out at least twice a week you’re in the minority.”

“Intelligence is well-respected. What do we do for fun? We party. But we don’t just get drunk. We party with a purpose.”

So here you go, the top 3 “biggest party schools” versus “most sober schools” in the United States:

Biggest party schools

1. Tulane University

The school’s unofficial motto is “Work hard, play hard”. ‘Nuff said.

2. West Virginia University

A common feature on this list (even taking top spot in 2012 and Playboy’s Top Party Schools 2013), WVU is where the epic tailgates and famous DJ appearances (including Avicii and Kaskade) are.

3. Bucknell University

Being in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania, surrounded by mostly cows and cornfields, has made Bucknell students the master of the house party. They even have a House Party Weekend.

Most sober schools

1. Brigham Young University

This year marks the 20th consecutive year the Mormon school has made it to the Stone-Cold Sober ranking, which is based on survey answers that show a campus with high daily study hours outside class, low use of alcohol and drugs as well as a relative distaste for Greek life.

2. College of the Ozarks

At this private Christian institution, there is a complete alcohol ban even if you are not on campus and even if you are 21 years or older, according to Springfield News Leader.

3. Baruch College, City University of New York

Here, there are no dorms, meaning no college parties. Students here treat Baruch more like a job than a uni.

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