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“Not only does computer science provide every student foundational knowledge, it also leads to the highest-paying, fastest-growing jobs in the US economy. There are currently over 500,000 open computing jobs, in every sector, from manufacturing to banking, from agriculture to healthcare, but only 50,000 computer science graduates a year.” As the Computer Science Education Coalition makes clear, this is a subject that’s taking the world by storm.

With so many employment opportunities available, there’s never been a better time to pursue a degree in the lucrative computer science (CS) field at the College of Arts & Sciences, University of Memphis (UofM). As local and national demand for CS graduates continues to rise, so do the number of opportunities in this field. That’s why UofM’s Department of Computer Science offers student research opportunities in some of the world’s most sought-after disciplines; dive into data science, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, computational complexity, bioinformatics, next-generation networks, and more.

By bringing your ideas to life, UofM allows you to develop industry-focused skills and gain a competitive advantage. It’s not only your practice-led projects that will impress employers; it’s also the support of the department’s reputation. As a globally-recognized hub for computer science development, UofM is home to one of the Top 60 federally-funded CS Departments in the country.  Awarded for its astounding performance in research, this department currently has research grants worth over US$40 million.

If you want to get involved with forward-thinking and revolutionary research projects in your time at UofM, you may want to check out a couple of their major research centers. First there’s the MD2K Center of Excellence. By partnering up with other tech-savvy universities, this initiative turns mobile sensor data into reliable and actionable health information. Through innovative sensors, this data will contribute to predictive and precision (P5) medicine. Led by one of America’s Ten Most Brilliant Scientists (2010) – UofM Professor Santosh Kumar – this incredible initiative is a central focus of the college.

Another major federally-funded project is the Center for Information Assurance. Directed by the department’s very own Dr. Dipankar Dasgupta, the center provides a research environment for undergraduates and postgraduates to pursue various projects. This is an amazing opportunity for any computer science student, allowing them to conduct cutting-edge research and participate in cyber defense competitions. Plus, with Dasgupta’s expertise leading the way, there’s an endless amount of knowledge for you to obtain.

With diverse disciplines such as computing, medicine and engineering you can interact with, your future at UofM is bright. So, what about the programs? One of the most popular study pathways is the B.S. Computer Science program, which has been accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission. What’s great about this degree is that after graduation, you’ll be able to confidently design, implement and evaluate any computer-based system, component, process or program to meet desired needs. There’s even the chance to further your studies with the M.S. Computer Science program, or the M.S. Bioinformatics interdisciplinary option.

Kareem Dasilva is currently a junior in the Computer Science program. As a college entrepreneur with a strong passion for technology, he built his own software development company called Poeen, which builds native iPhone and Android apps for innovative businesses. Kareem is currently working on a mobile application for the Orange Mound community that allows residents to interact with local businesses and community stakeholders, as well as find engaging events happening in the neighborhood.

As we all know, sometimes terminology and techniques can be a little bit tricky. That’s why UofM has built a specialized Computer Science Learning Center. Staffed by upper-level undergraduates and/or graduate students, there’s the chance to sign up for one-on-one assistance with undergraduate CS coursework. And if you really need a solution for a pressing academic issue, you can also visit the lab to seek guidance and advice.

To get a powerful grip on your future prospects, the department has set up some spectacular internship opportunities for students to try out. These career-boosting placements give students the chance to enhance their experience of the working world and broaden their computer science knowledge. Local company internships include AutoZone, ServiceMaster, FedEx, First Tennessee Bank, Lokion, International Paper and StartCo.

As Abhijit Nag, Department of Computer Science Ph.D. graduate states, “the University of Memphis provides a very versatile and diverse opportunity for the students to explore different areas of Computer Science. They can get integrated, and transfer their knowledge in real life industries and experiences. The subject is a really evolving field nowadays because everything is involved with computers and computing systems, that’s why I feel it’s very important to stay in tune with the current existing technologies and incorporate the challenges that it poses.”

Just as Abhijit points out, it’s the university’s high-quality connection with top-industry players that will advance your career in computer science. Through industry-based internships, you’ll become immersed in this evolving field, acknowledging the practical angles of this complex subject. By combining this with the department’s rigorous curriculum, you’ll have access to highly-visible research opportunities that showcase your skills.

With so much to offer, it’s no surprise that the 2018 Niche Review reported that 91 percent of UofM graduates were employed two years after graduation, and a further 92 percent feel that the alumni network is very strong. Especially as many of the department’s learners have landed lucrative jobs with companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM Research, Intel, Microsoft, Samsung Research, and more!

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