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Here are three study abroad destinations that may have not been on your radar. Source: Shutterstock

Do you plan to study abroad? 

There are many benefits to spending time in a different country – even if it’s for a short period – as you’ll not only be exposed to a new culture and network, but learn to be independent and resourceful when navigating a new environment.

Countries such as the US, UK and Australia have long cemented their status as top study abroad destinations for international students.

But if you’re looking for alternatives from the path most travelled, there are many other countries with quality universities that should be on your radar. 

Here are several countries worth considering for an unparalleled learning experience:


study abroad

If you can speak Spanish, you may want to consider studying at this Island nation. Source: Shutterstock

This Latin American country is under communist rule, and serves as an unorthodox study abroad location for students looking to immerse themselves in a truly unique environment.

Cuba is famous for many things, including their education system, which is free for its citizens. 

Much of this has to do with a controversial figure – Fidel Castro – often seen as a dictator or a guerrilla leader – and whose legacy includes advancing education and healthcare after taking power in the country.

According to Times Higher Education (THE), Cuba’s top university is Universidad de La Habana (University of Havana) in the capital city – Havana.

Spanish is the common medium of instruction, ideal if you wish to strengthen your Spanish prowess. Many US universities also offer study abroad programmes in Cuba.


study abroad

Lithuania is home to many breathtaking landscapes. Source: Shutterstock

One of the major appeals of studying in this Northern European country includes its lower cost of living than many other countries in the region, making it an ideal study abroad location for international students. 

This EU country offers accredited degrees that are globally recognised, while many courses offered in their universities use English as the medium of instruction.

International students can also work up to 20 hours a week with a work permit. 


study abroad

Morocco is not only a famous tourist destination, but a unique study location. Source: Shutterstock

Al Maghrib (the Arabic name for Morocco) is North African country steeped with a rich multicultural history, thanks to its Arab, Berber, European and African influences.

Its famous cities include Casablanca (Morocco’s largest city) and Marrakesh (renown for its souks), and are tourist magnets. Arabic and French are widely spoken in the country, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an English education at its universities.

For instance, Al Akhawayn University in Ifran offers a “classic American liberal arts educational experience on an architecturally stunning modern campus amidst the beauty of Morocco’s Middle Atlas Mountains”, notes its website. 

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