University of the West of Scotland: A powerhouse for graduate studies in education
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“UWS has been a life changing experience – I’ve transformed from a teenager into a career driven, independent adult. The course has challenged me and equipped me with the skills to pursue a career in teaching, and the placements have given me the confidence to teach a class of my own.” – Louise McGonigal, School of Education student

With a long-standing history in education excellence, the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) aims to be one of the transformational influences on the economic, social and cultural development of the country. Offering career-focused and vocationally-relevant programmes, the institution produces graduates who are readily-equipped with the skills needed to make a contribution to the industry, business, public and third-sector organisations.

Despite having a heritage dating back to 1897, UWS is known to be one of Scotland’s most modern and dynamic international universities, characterised by a unique ability to recognise change and evolve in accordance with the times. Ranked fourth for most improved UK University by the Times Higher Education Student Survey 2015–2016, the institution is committed to ensuring its students are ready to meet the demands of whatever their chosen profession.

“We put students at the heart of everything we do at UWS, supporting them to develop the skills and expertise they need to drive innovation…we are always looking for new ways to support our postgraduates and provide them with the best set of skills for a range of careers,” says Professor Catriona Tedford, Head of UWS’s Graduate School.

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Believing in the same principles as Catriona Tedford is the School of Education, an innovative provider of Education-based degrees that instils students with extensive theoretical knowledge and practical expertise through well-structured courses, ensuring they are more than able to meet the expectations of prospective employers.

The School offers undergraduate degrees, taught postgraduate certificates and diplomas, as well as research degrees and post-experience courses. With a hands-on approach to teaching and learning plus a rigorous academic focus, it’s no wonder 91 percent of students would recommend UWS to a friend. For those aiming to specialise in a specific area of education, the School offers postgraduate studies within several disciplines, most of which are available to the international student in a distance learning model :

Artist Teacher

Accredited by NSEAD, this course is designed for art teachers and others working with art and design within the 3-18 sector in Scotland and across the world. The programme, which is delivered either online or by blended learning, gives you the chance to re-evaluate your existing art practice within a critical and supportive environment. As part of your course, you’ll study ‘Visual Arts Practice’ and ‘Critical Pedagogy’.

Enhanced Educational Practice

This programme is ideally suited to people working in education and lifelong learning or in childcare, healthcare and the social work sectors. The master’s degree is flexible and tailored to the needs of each individual. Modules covered include ‘Critical Self-Evaluation and Development’, ‘Contemporary Issues in Education’, and ‘Teaching for Effective Learning’.

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Inclusive Education

Catered to teachers and other professionals who support learning in mainstream schools, this degree equips you with knowledge and skills needed to pursue positions of responsibility in the areas of inclusion and support for learning. Some of the modules covered in the course include ‘Autism Spectrum Disorders’, ‘Dyslexia’, ‘Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties’, and ‘Inclusive Leadership’.

Mental Health and Education

This programme focuses on the nature of mental health in learning, teaching and training environments. It also explores how it impacts leaders of learning, mentors and other disciplinary groups, for example – psychologists. Delivered online, this degree is the only professional learning award of its kind in the UK. Modules include ‘Stress Management in Education’ and ‘Leading and Motivating Learning’.

Leadership for Learning

Designed for workforce professionals, this programme will enhance your professional practice and understanding of current developments in the area of leadership for learning. Students will cover subjects such as ‘Vision and Values’ and ‘Leadership Qualities and Skills’.

Critical Youth and Community Studies

Contributing to youth and community practices that promote equality, human flourishing, participation and social justice, the programme offers three learning pathways for qualified, non-qualified and international students. You’ll get to work with a range of communities across the world in areas such as community activism and social enterprise. Some of the modules covered on the programme are ‘Researching Communities’ and ‘Strategic Leadership’.

Early Years

Introduced in September this year, the Masters of Education (Med) in Early Years will be offered on a blended learning basis. This course is primarily aimed at professionals working in the early learning and childcare sector (school and early learning and childcare settings, health and social work). The course covers ‘Early Intervention’, ‘Participation and Children’s Rights’, ‘Early Years Pedagogy’, and ‘Supporting and Developing Literacy’.

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Higher Education Practice

Designed for practitioners who work within Higher Education (HE), or have access to HE and would like to further develop their skills and knowledge. The course allows students to gain a deeper understanding of, and actively engage with, the diverse and changing education landscape. Core modules include ‘Innovation into Practice’ and ‘Leadership Matters in Higher Education Supervisory Research Practice’.

Coaching and Mentoring

The Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring is offered to participants from various sectors, guiding those who are responsible for the training and development of peers and colleagues as part of their own organisational development policies.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

This professional qualification is offered to those who teach – or plan to teach – English to speakers of other languages within the school, college or university contexts. This Masters is offered on a fulltime basis at our London or Paisley campuses.

Professional Doctorate (DProf.)

This innovative part-time blended learning course combines the art and science of reflective practice with relevant academic theory, helping you apply this to the investigation or exploration of problems. From here, you are encouraged to create solutions and introduce change within your workplace, elevating workplace productivity and efficiency to new heights.

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From your very first engagement, UWS will prepare you for a thriving career through individualised support,  expert inputs, and other invaluable experiences. With professionally-recognised courses and intelligent teaching, an education here will give you a great head start in the working world.

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