University webinars & career counselling: These resources are still available for university students

university webinars
Had to move out of your dorm rooms due to the COVID-19 pandemic? There are still student resources available to you. Source: Maddie Meyer/ Getty Images via AFP

Whether you’re back home or in your dorm or halls during this pandemic, it’s important to know that student resources are still available for you. Lucky for us, more institutions are quickly moving their on-campus resources online, including career counselling, as well as hosting more university webinars and online events.

As more and more countries go on lockdown, in-person classes are being cancelled and students are required to stay at home or in their dorm rooms while they transition to online learning.

In some countries and universities, students were simply asked not to come back to campus after spring break or Easter holidays. International students on campus were told to head back to their home countries.

While it may seem like an isolating time, you are not going through this alone — thanks to technology, you’re likely able to get help and information from your university and city without leaving home.

It varies from university to university — as well as the country you’re studying in — but here’s a list of the common student resources still available during lockdown for international students.

Food and housing

If you’re staying in residence halls during this time, you can expect that your housing — as well as ancillary services, like cleaning — will continue as usual, albeit less frequently.

For some campuses with dining halls, they will also be open but will require you to pick up packed food instead of being able to dine in.

Your professors

Struggling to understand a particular concept? Don’t forget that your professors are still there to help you — they will be your number one go-to person for everything related to your studies during this time.

If you aren’t able to raise questions during live classes, you can always e-mail them, set up a private Zoom/Skype call or attend virtual office hours to discuss any issues you may be facing.

University webinars

A closed campus does not mean seminars or events can’t take place at all. It’s 2020, and technology is allowing for more university webinars and online events to take place.

Short for web-based seminars, university webinars can be a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar featuring alumni, faculty members and industry figures — the same stuff universities would usually hold pre-pandemic but now transmitted over the web using video conferencing software instead.

Career centre

While you’re in lockdown, it’s also worthwhile to check out if your career centre is open through virtual services during this time.

Some are holding university webinars or arranging video meetings with students to help them plan for life after graduation, so take advantage of this.

university webinars

Your favourite study spaces may be closed, but there are still other student resources. Source: Philip Pacheco / Getty Images via AFP

International student officers

At most universities, international student officers are still working to keep students informed of the latest updates related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

If you have questions about your visa, housing, finances or any other issues, they should be the first office you reach out to, pandemic or not.

If you fall sick and need assistance, you can also contact them to find out how to receive medical care as an international student.

Student council presidents

Presidents of student associations or councils are usually more in the know about the latest updates, so get in touch with them for any information you need.

For example, if you need a place to stay, they may be able to connect you to available housing through the student association network.

They also act as representatives for other students, so they can help ask questions on your behalf if needed.

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