University of Southampton – MA studies that uncover the human experience
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University of Southampton – MA studies that uncover the human experience

“Here at Humanities, you will find a lively, multi-cultural and international community. We look forward to giving you a warm welcome.” – Professor Anne Curry, Dean of Humanities, University of Southampton

The University of Southampton – a member of the prestigious Russell Group – is a recognised centre of excellence on the UK education stage. Consistently praised for its innovative approach to curricula, challenging learning culture and enviable rates of student satisfaction, it’s hardly surprising that the institution stands among the top one percent of universities worldwide in the QS rankings for 2018.

With more than 14,000 universities making their name across the globe, Southampton’s solid grounding in both the QS and Times Higher Education upper circles cements the its reputation as a known pioneer of higher-level learning.

This is an institution that understands the value of humanities in the digital age, an era of constant change and rapid progression. As critically-acclaimed poet and novelist, Margaret Atwood, recently explained, “Story-telling is one of our primary means of communication and the humanities are about stories. That is why it is important and why we should understand stories…

“It’s something that the human race has always done. They’ve not always done algebra…The most distinguishing feature of us as human beings is that we are story tellers…” she adds, and this is exactly why Southampton’s Faculty of the Humanities is fascinated by people and the intricate human experience.

Here, students experience some of the most highly-regarded courses in the UK, delving into mind-expanding disciplines like Archaeology, English, Film, History, Modern Languages, Music and Philosophy. Humanities at Southampton are all about clear thinking, big ideas and bright graduate results.

“The support offered by the university stood me in good stead for my career following my studies,” says Mark Aldridge, former student of the BA Film and English MA, and the fine embodiment of career success. “Since leaving I have delivered papers at several international conferences and published two books.”

As a postgraduate research or taught student at Southampton, you will boldly forge your path through the academic realm with confidence and poise. Students are supported by dedicated staff, driven by the unique insight of teachers who are recognised leaders of their respective fields. As a member of this diverse postgraduate community, you will relish in the cross-disciplinary nature of Southampton’s approach to the Humanities, gaining access to invaluable skills training that will enhance your professional prowess as you experience, learn and grow among like-minded peers.

MA Film and Cultural Management

This one-year, full-time course examines the entangled relationship between film and our global society. Here, students delve into the complex region of policy, analysing film regulations and conventions in contrasting national and global contexts, harnessing knowledge learned to build a long-term career in the cultural management sector.

Southampton’s MA in Film and Cultural Management is ideal for applicants keen to blend the co-dependent factors of both film and culture. Here, you will form a bedrock from which contemporary culture can be understood, grasping both the theory and industrial dimensions of film – one of the most lucrative employment sectors in the world.

MMus Music (Performance, Composition, Musicology)

This programme pledges a breadth and depth of study that allows the devoted musician to not just to specialise, but thrive. All three pathways can be used as professional training, or as preparation for further PhD study. Postgraduate music students at Southampton benefit from one-to-one instruction from first-rate experts in music history, cultural studies of music, performance studies and analysis; internationally-renowned performers with notable solo and ensemble legacies; as well as prominent composers of contemporary art music, electronic music, media music and jazz.

“I enjoy interacting with individuals from other universities and listening to specially invited guests reading their recent research in the field,” explains Emily Mould, current postgraduate music student at Southampton.

MA English Language Teaching (TESOL)

Here, students embark on a focused path towards qualified English Language teaching, gaining the expertise and techniques required to develop professional practice. This globally-relevant programme grants brand-new teaching practitioners the advanced knowledge and skill needed to navigate the English language curriculum, assessment and pedagogy, also enriched with opportunities to follow independent interests – including learner autonomy and English as a universal language.

MSc Business and Heritage Management

Specifically-designed for those hoping to enter the booming business of heritage, this course grants a detailed comprehension of aspects like business management, tourism, construction and even agricultural management.

Modules will lead you through the economic and legal principals embedded within the global heritage sector, from museum displays to site exhibitions and how heritage frames national identities. You will investigate the influence of the National Trust, exploring some of the finest cultural assets the UK has to offer, also delving into country estates of immense agricultural and historical importance. It’s a programme that’s dynamic and industry-informed, preparing students to take lead of daily operations in some the world’s most popular tourist and historic destinations.

Over 6,500 international students from more than 135 countries choose to study at the University of Southampton each year, keen to explore the premium academics the Southampton name reflects. Choosing to study the humanities at this world-class institution will give you tools to confidently navigate the changes of a complex modern world – and that’s a return on investment you’d be hard-pushed to find at any other university across the globe.

“My proudest accomplishment may perhaps be the person I became by being a student here,” says Oluwafemi Adedipe, an international student from Nigeria.

“I came to Southampton to learn…but I am leaving with a bagful of so much more: a new worldview, new concepts, toolkits mental frameworks and an incredible network of friends spanning the globe. Coming to Southampton was hands down one of the most transformative experiences of my life.”

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