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University of Wolverhampton Business School: Experiential degrees, successful careers

The University of Wolverhampton offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in health, education, business, arts and more. Each aims to empower students to discover their talent and find their purpose.

Its Business School’s undergraduate courses are exemplary in this aspect. They are in-depth and taught by excellent teachers — developing students into responsible business professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs that we need for a sustainable future.

A key reason for this is the programme’s focus on industry-relevant knowledge and skills. Students follow a thematic curriculum, rather than subject-based lines. This allows students to explore the interdependence of different business functions more effectively, while business cases show them the true essence of how real businesses run.

Such practical exposure is crucial if students want to land professional and managerial roles or any job at the level of the organisational hierarchy that they had envisaged. Last year, the Business School took steps to ensure this for its BA in Business Management students. It embedded a Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), the leading chartered body for management and leadership disciplines, in the programme.

This means graduates get a two-for-one degree that further enhances their employability. A key reason for this is that research has found that 58% of graduates with a CMI-accredited degree were in professional roles within six months of degree completion (CMI, 2022). “We want our students to be equipped with the skills and competencies they need to excel in the world of work,” says Vikki Potts, Interim Director of the Business School. “Working alongside leading professional bodies enables us to not only assure the quality of our course, but also to ensure that our students are well prepared for their future careers and inspired by current business issues.”

Most programmes here are just as experiential. “The modules I have taken so far in my first year have expanded my knowledge of marketing and allowed me to complete various courses that can be included on my CV,” says Kyren, a first-year Marketing Management student. “I have particularly enjoyed the Website Development and Design module, which has allowed me to create my own website and think about what I want to do after completing my course. In addition, the Branding and Advertising module has given me a better understanding of how effective advertising can be in making a business or brand successful.”

business school

University of Wolverhampton Business School’s programmes combine academic knowledge and professional skills. Source: University of Wolverhampton

She’s now working with Wolverhampton Homes, a housing association that manages over 21,000 properties in the city. Her role involves creating a video advertisement to support their Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity strategy. “My journey towards becoming a Marketing Management student has been an exciting and unconventional one,” says Kyren. “It has taught me that it is okay to stand out from the crowd and be myself.”

The Business School has the statistics to prove its excellence, with 96% of its students finding employment after graduation. This high number is achieved through many aspects, one of which is the support of the university’s Careers and Employment services which focuses on job matching to help students secure jobs that are aligned with their skills and interests. “I think one of the big main benefits is the university’s got great links with institutions such as the Institute of Directors (IOD). I was lucky enough to meet company owners and senior executives,” shares business management student James Lauriello.

The Business School opens the door to many more professional opportunities. Just ask Junaid Shafiq, a Business Management graduate. He was invited to assist Ecolec, a small but innovative radiant heating business based in Wolverhampton. “This was a really great opportunity for me to work with Ecolec after recently graduating from the university,” he says. “Not only did I get the chance to work with this innovative local business, but I also had the opportunity to learn from Managing Director Chandru Ray and improve my marketing skills to help build their online presence. Overall, I would recommend anyone going into a marketing career to use opportunities such as working with small businesses to further enhance their skills and make a real impact.”

Interested? Explore the University of Wolverhampton Business School’s website today and take your pick at one of their undergraduate programmes to be on your way to achieving success.

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