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University of Szeged, Hungary: Where medical and health sciences students thrive

An excellent education is possible with the right support — a fact the University of Szeged, Hungary (SZTE) knows best. A distinguished institution, SZTE is well-known for its great teachers and robust degrees in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Nursing. These take place in a multicultural and green campus located in the centre of the city sunshine. 

Graduate Nama Ahmad from Jerusalem can attest to this. “Hungary‘s English medical schools have a good reputation in general, and one of my very good friends who studied in Szeged at that time gave excellent feedback about SZTE and the city as well,” shares Ahmad. “The university ranks very high in the world, so naturally, graduating and obtaining a diploma from SZTE is very valuable and something I am very proud of.” 

The university does rank well. It is ranked the best Hungarian higher education institution on the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University list in 2022 and among the top universities (between 351-400) for Medicine. It is also the ninth “greenest” in the world among institutions located in the city centre (GreenMetric Ranking of World Universities). 

Its faculties are no different — they have a long-standing tradition of excellence in research, which heavily involves even undergraduates. The late Albert Szent-Györgyi — former rector of SZTE — received the Nobel Prize for his scientific work on isolating vitamin C from Szeged paprika. Alumna Katalin Kariko received numerous awards for her research in mRNA at SZTE, which contributed to the development of mRNA-based vaccines for COVID-19. 

That’s not all. Teaching here is just as excellent. Intensive teacher-student interactions are at the core of the school’s programmes. Plenty of small group sessions take place, allowing personal connections to play an essential role. “Teachers are trying to teach as much as possible, which is very helpful. For me, my favourites are primarily practical because we can communicate with our teachers or doctors easily and ask our questions,” shares fifth-year medical student Ilgın Çeviker from Turkey. 

“I have a very heartwarming story with one of my Anatomy teachers. In my second year, I was so stressed before one of my mid-term examinations. She calmed me down — telling me that I would be a great doctor and that everything would pass. This served as amazing motivation and strength for me to study and keep going,” says Çeviker.

University of Szeged, Hungary

The University of Szeged, Hungary opens doors to infinite possibilities. Source: University of Szeged, Hungary

Combine research and teaching excellence with SZTE’s robust programmes, and students become healthcare professionals with doors open to many opportunities abroad. SZTE’s programmes provide solid foundations in both theory and practice. Many are available in English — health science degrees are automatically acknowledged in all the member states of the European Union and many other countries. 

Armed with this versatile qualification, SZTE graduates go on to specialise in a great number of medical fields, from becoming a GP in traditional private practice to working as an operative or diagnostic professional. They are also welcome in areas other than healing, including research, forensic medicine, medical economy and management, or health journalism. 

That’s how things turned out for Ahmad. Before stepping into his new position as Head of the Emergency Medicine Department at Hadassah Medical Centre, Ein Kerem Campus, Ahmad had got to explore different positions in several countries — all of which wouldn’t have been possible without SZTE.

“I gained excellent medical knowledge at the university, a serious medical programme with good and wide-ranging practice,” he says.

Great programmes in a liveable city

Are you wondering how our immune system works? Questioning the role of artificial intelligence in medicine? The Medical Programme (MD) gives you the answers to these questions and beyond. Here, you’ll explore the fields of cardiology, neurology, neurological research and gastroenterology, among others. 

For those passionate about oral health, look no further than the Dentistry Programme (DMD). Designed to meet the needs of the modern dental practitioner, the programme explores broad-aspect theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and cutting-edge technologies. Students learn the basic scientific concepts of the human body and master the skills of a dentist. 

If you’re interested in the development of drugs, the academic programme offered by the Faculty of Pharmacy is for you. It spans five years; graduates leave with a Doctor of Pharmacy, becoming health professionals ready to thrive in industry, research and development institutions, clinics and hospitals.

University of Szeged, Hungary

The University of Szeged, Hungary’s library is ranked in the world’s top 50 most amazing libraries. Source: University of Szeged, Hungary

Meanwhile, BSc in Physiotherapy students take on many practice hours and field practices that enable them to understand the profession deeply and conduct research work from an early stage, becoming precious members of the healthcare team. The BSc in Nursing teaches you how to care and make a difference in lives. They discover how to be a team worker with empathetic qualities while learning about the aspects of medicine and healthcare. 

No matter your programme, you’re bound to have a promising education at a beautiful campus with top-notch facilities. SZTE’s library is ranked in the world’s top 50 most amazing libraries ( Its “skills labs” are uniquely equipped and are one-of-a-kind in Hungary. 

Step beyond campus and the city of Szeged will enamour you. “I really liked Szeged the first time I visited. It was summer — there were festivals, and the city was full of people,” says Çeviker. Ahmad agrees. “I fell in love with the city from day one. It has a lively city centre and a beautiful river, and it is a safe place to live. I felt at home and comfortable from the very beginning,” he says. Kickstart a promising education at SZTE here

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