University of St Andrews: Get ahead with the Global One Year Online (GOYO) programme
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University of St Andrews: Get ahead with the Global One Year Online (GOYO) programme

Do you want to attend a UK university but can’t travel this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

The University of St Andrews in Scotland is offering an integrated pre-degree Global Online Year One (GOYO) programme designed to give you certainty in uncertain times.

To be eligible for the GOYO programme, your national high school qualification must be obtained after 12 or 13 years of full-time education and be recognised as equivalent to AS Level or above.

Upon successful completion of the GOYO programme, you will receive a Certificate of Higher Education and can progress to the second year of a degree at the University of St Andrews in September 2021. 

Get ahead with the GOYO programme

Why wait until next year to proceed with your studies?

Through the GOYO programme, you can invest your talents and time into a UK university that ranks second-best in the UK by The Guardian University Guide 2020 and third-best by The Complete University Guide 2020.

The programme’s two-semester-long online format is built to advance your core academic skills through first-year subject-specific classes that prepare you for university-level studies.

Your academic study skills modules will be delivered by the St Andrews International Education Institute (IEI). The first-year level modules will be taught by the university’s Academic Schools.

One St Andrews student with first-hand experience of IEI’s virtual learning environment is Swiss-born Georgy.

“I’ve never been taught by such responsive, compassionate and open-minded staff as in St Andrews. Instead of simply giving solutions, the tutors will always point you in the right direction so that you can find the answers yourself,” he said.

Throughout the modules, virtual tutors will always be available to help sharpen your communication, presentation, practical and critical thinking skills.

For example, in your first semester, you’ll take the “Academic English and Study Skills 1” module where you can develop your awareness of spoken and written academic discourse, typical of disciplines in the St Andrews Faculty of Arts and Divinity and the Faculty of Science.

For the next semester, you’ll focus on the “Academic English and Study Skills 2” module and write analytical and evaluative texts. Tutors will provide feedback on your work to boost your personal development.

You will also take modules in the academic subjects relevant to your intended Honours degree.

These subject-specific modules will be taught by the St Andrews Academic Schools from the faculties of Arts and Science. For the full list of Academic Schools and Departments, click here.

Advance your study prospects this September

The GOYO programme begins on Sept. 7, 2020. The application deadline is Aug. 17, 2020.

Once you start, you must meet with your “Adviser of Studies” online at the beginning of Semester 1 in September — a compulsory part of the matriculation process.

After you’ve finalised which modules you want to take, you will get a timetable indicating the dates and times of your classes.

If you successfully complete the GOYO programme, then you can progress directly into the second year of one of the specified degree programmes within the faculties of Arts or Science.

These degree programmes include Art History, Biology and Chemistry.

If you’re interested in Art History, then you can take the optional module titled “The Art of the Renaissance in Italy and Northern Europe” which surveys paintings, sculptures and architecture in Italy and northern Europe from 1280 to 1580.

Or if you’d rather study Biology then the optional module “Biology 1” provides an introduction to molecular and cellular biology. It also covers cell diversity and the origins of life, cellular structures, and fundamental processes.

There’s also the optional module “Introductory Inorganic and Physical Chemistry” for students that want to uncover the origin of the elements, atoms and the Periodic Table, shapes and properties of molecules, chemistry of the elements, properties of solutions, thermochemistry, thermodynamics and kinetics.

When you’ve made it onto Year 2 of a degree programme, you’ll also be offered a tuition-free place (accommodation not included) on the university’s Academic Induction course in summer 2021.

This is a two-week residential course for new undergraduate students, designed to provide an extended introduction to student life at the university ahead of orientation week.

These are disruptive times, but there’s no need to forgo a high-quality educational experience.

All you need is a laptop and a secure internet connection to communicate, collaborate and work towards a world-class qualification with your GOYO professors and peers. 

Sign up here today to get the GOYO advantage.

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