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University of Rochester: An impactful electrical and computer engineering education

At the University of Rochester’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), ECE experts are carrying out a noble mission: nurturing tomorrow’s professionals to make a difference in this specialised field.

ECE is part of the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. It is among the top 50 engineering schools in the country, according to the US News and World Report best graduate schools ranking. The publication has also ranked the University of Rochester as the 25th best value school. 

Here, ECE faculty members bring their real-world experience and cutting-edge research to the classroom, providing students with the know-how to tackle complex technological challenges. Take Michael Huang, for example. He was a lead architect in building a 32-processor hierarchical shared-memory multiprocessor research prototype. In 2010, he worked on future POWER processor concept development at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Centre.

Today, he’s partnering with other faculty members and students to build two cutting-edge Ising machine prototypes at ECE – a collaborative project that’s providing Huang with a fulfilling challenge. “My students and I are very excited about the project,” Huang shares. “To make machines truly useful, we need to work at multiple levels: algorithm, architecture, circuit, and device. That involves people with different expertise talking and exploring different ideas together.”

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The faculty has 33 professors to support its growing research and educational programmes in multiple areas. Source: University of Rochester

These real-world and research experiences help to elevate an education at ECE. The department offers a PhD, an MS Electrical Engineering, and an MS Diagnostic Imaging (the first-of-its-kind programme in the country). Pair that with a 9:1 student-to-faculty ratio and a class size of fewer than 40 students, and students are bound to feel the support and guidance from passionate faculty members. 

Top-notch facilities further help to bring impactful research to life – hear it from PhD students like Reem Mislati, who speaks of the University of Rochester Medical Centre. “There is a lot of interesting research being conducted in labs with many different collaboration opportunities,” says Mislati, who has personally collaborated with researchers at ECE to answer her research question.

“What I like about my research is the interdisciplinary aspect of it, where it combines signal image processing — an important area of electrical computer engineering — with medicine. It is very rewarding to see how my research with ultrasound imaging can help with the current challenges of monitoring cancer treatments.” 


Likewise, students pursuing the MS Diagnostic Imaging benefit from the close links with the Department of Imaging Sciences at the University of Rochester Medical Centre. It brings engineering students and medical residents to work and learn together. The programme aligns imaging fundamentals from engineering with radiological applications observed in an immersive clinical environment.

That’s not all. Students also have research ties with centres like the Laboratory for Laser Energetics, the Rochester Centre for Biomedical Ultrasound, the Centre for Visual Science, and the Centre for Emerging and Innovative Sciences — each offering opportunities for multidisciplinary learning and research.

The result? Graduates with in-demand technical and professional skills eager to make their mark in companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Siemens, GM, Microsoft, Intel, and more, like the students before them. 

University of Rochester

Outside the classroom, Rochester is a high-tech powerhouse with a thriving arts scene. Source: University of Rochester

Venture beyond the University of Rochester to discover a vibrant, mid-sized city located on the southern shore of Lake Ontario in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York. Rochester is home to many leading high-tech manufacturers, organisations, and government agencies that help train entrepreneurs and support new business ventures. Since 1996, the university has helped develop technologies that led to the formation of 51 startups. 

When they’re not innovating, students can be found checking out the city’s energetic arts and cultural scene. There’s a world-renowned Lilac Festival and the annual week-long International Jazz Festival. The Eastman Theatre houses a variety of performances throughout the year. During the weekend, the great outdoors beckon. With more than 12,000 acres of parks in Monroe County, there are many ways to stay active in nature. 

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