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University of Portsmouth: Where budding engineers belong

What would our world be without engineers? Forget a safe morning commute to work, playing a podcast while getting ready for the day, a warm shower, or even drinking a purified glass of water. Forget socialising through screens, asking Alexa for reminders, and seeing breathtaking drone shots of the world’s natural wonders. Never mind driverless cars or world-saving renewable energy.

Engineers hone scientific knowledge and mathematical skills that benefit mankind, ultimately making life easier. The field fuels a wide range, if not all, industries. From studios or laboratories, they work tirelessly to solve problems. Technology? They are responsible for the rise of it. Thanks to their expertise, computers have evolved, hospitals are better equipped, humans get to where they need to go, and more.

This explains why highly-skilled engineering graduates are in high demand today. According to recruiting firm Michael Page, filling the demand for engineers in the UK will generate an additional 27 billion pounds per year for the UK economy from 2022. The US Bureau of Labour Statistics estimates nearly 140,000 new jobs are created for engineers over the 2016–26 decade.

University of Portsmouth

MSc programmes by the School of Mechanical and Design Engineering offer curricula based on contemporary topics and applied in cutting-edge laboratories. Source: University of Portsmouth

At the University of Portsmouth’s School of Mechanical and Design Engineering, graduates leave ready to seize these opportunities. Future focused programmes ensure this.

Each follows a curriculum based on contemporary topics. Students apply what they learn in state-of-the art laboratories and through specialised software tools. It’s an effective combination — a track record of student success proves this.

Last year, a team of aspiring mechanical engineers, UPRacing EV, designed a vehicle that placed them third out of 90 teams in the international Formula Student competition, Europe’s most established educational engineering competition, run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

The programme producing luminaires like the members of UpRacing EV is the MSc Engineering Management. This programme nurtures the expertise and skills needed to manage technology innovation across engineering industries. Students will gain an understanding of how management leads investigation, implementation, and the operation of manufacturing and service systems.

“My experience studying in Portsmouth over the last five years has been a fantastic journey,” says Clinton, an MSc Engineering Management graduate. “I have made lifetime friends and have had the privilege of being tutored by some excellent lecturers.”

In the MSc Mechanical Engineering, students develop an advanced understanding of core mechanical engineering disciplines, including design and critical evaluation of structural integrity, computational fluid dynamics, advanced materials, energy and control systems.

University of Portsmouth

Portsmouth is one of the most picturesque and welcoming places to live in the UK. Source: University of Portsmouth

With the MSc Advanced Manufacturing Technology, students learn about advanced design tools, materials, manufacturing processes and systems, and develop efficient and effective operation and management skills too.

All three MSc programmes are accredited.

Portsmouth: Supportive, enriching, scenic

Just Google Portsmouth and it is highly likely phrases like “Great Waterfront City,” “world-class attractions,” and “fantastic things to do” will pop up. Now, think about living the best years of your life — i.e. university — in a dynamic city like this.

For engineering students, it’s set to be a fantastic journey. Start on campus, where the Students’ Union connects students to over 150 clubs and societies.

Here, international students benefit greatly from meaningful connections. The university hosts social events throughout the year. Even in light of COVID-19, mingling continued virtually. It’s little wonder the university ranks among the top 30 in the UK for student satisfaction.

Just a couple steps from seminar rooms and labs, postcard-like surroundings inspire and soothe. Portsmouth is one of the most picturesque and welcoming places to live in the UK. Imagine basking on golden beaches and lush greenery by day before sprucing up to hit

cultural and artistic hotspots, restaurants, bars, and clubs by night. Conveniently, London is just 90 minutes away by train.

“The city of Portsmouth is a beautiful coastal city with magnificent skylines and an amazing seafront, a great environment to study and live in. The city is well-diversified and has a very friendly community,” enthuses Clinton. “I have lived my favourite years in life while studying at the University of Portsmouth. The university will always have a special place in my heart.”

If you’re ready to make this student experience yours, choose the School of Mechanical and Design Engineering. Pick your path here.

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