‘Stranger Things’ star Noah Schnapp is heading to UPenn. Here are 5 facts about the uni

University of Pennsylvania
Noah Schnapp has been accepted into the Class of 2026 at UPenn. Source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images/ AFP

When Noah Schnapp shared a TikTok detailing the emotionally-charged moment when he found out that he had been accepted to uni, the internet went abuzz and celebrated with him. If you’re unaware, the university Schnapp is heading to is the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) — one of eight Ivy League universities.

Many of his loyal fans tuned in to the heart-warming video and sent their hearty congratulations to the “Stranger Things” actor. While his study programme or major has not been confirmed, reports speculate that the 17-year-old actor may study something related to his career, such as theatre, performance or communications. He has expressed an interest in foreign languages too, in a question and answer session with fans.

The university Schnapp is expected to attend is known for its high-quality teaching and research output, taught by its network of 5,000 dedicated and world-class faculty members. The university — located in a neighbourhood in West Philadelphia called University City — boasts one of the most stunning campuses in the US, and was voted the most beautiful college in Pennsylvania by the travel magazine Travel + Leisure in 2017.

There are many other interesting facts about the University of Pennsylvania, and here are five of them.

5 cool facts about the University of Pennsylvania

Its business school is home to the world’s best MBA programme


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The University of Pennsylvania has one of the best business schools in the world: the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), according to US News and World Report’s “2023 Best Business Schools” ranking. Wharton was also named the best business school by the 2022 Financial Times MBA ranking.

Due to its prestige and the high-quality graduates Wharton produces, graduates of the MBA programme earn the highest salaries, with an average alumni salary of 237,530 US dollars after three years of graduating. This is an astonishing US$77,000 above the average for all ranked schools by the Financial Times.

Former US President Donald Trump attended UPenn, graduating with a BSc in Economics degree in 1968. Source: Chet Strange/Getty Images/AFP

Donald Trump attended the University of Pennsylvania — and so did his daughter

The University of Pennsylvania is home to a number of notable alumni. Among them is former US President Donald Trump. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in economics from Wharton in 1968 — a fact that he regularly boasts to audiences.

Fun fact: According to the Daily Pennsylvanian, he publicly name-dropped Wharton 52 times between June 2015 and January 2018.

Donald Trump isn’t the only one in his family to graduate from UPenn. His daughter, Tiffany graduated with Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sociology degree from the same university in 2016.

It has one of the most competitive acceptance rates

Although the acceptance rate for the Class of 2026 hasn’t been released, only 5.9% of applicants for the Class of 2025 at the University of Pennsylvania were accepted — the most selective year for acceptance rates known to date.

Getting into the University of Pennsylvania is clearly not an easy feat. For the Class of 2025, the typical SAT scores of admitted students ranged from 1490-1560; it is between 35 to 36 for the ACT.

UPenn team fans have a “toast-throwing” tradition

Fans of UPenn’s athletic teams literally throw toast onto Franklin Field (UPenn’s football stadium) after the third quarter of every home American football game.

This unique tradition was inspired from the line “Here’s a toast to dear old Penn” in the school song “Drink a Highball”.

When alcohol was banned from the football stadium in the 1970s, students rallied by introducing the act of throwing toast. In a good season, around 20,000 to 30,000 pieces are thrown per game.

Students avoid crossing the granite compass the Locust Walk and 37th Street

Legend has it that if students cross the granite compass located at the Locust Walk and 37th Street, they could fail their midterms.

This myth was prophesied by a fraternity as a conversation starter with freshmen girls.