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University of Nottingham Ningbo China: Scholarship-rich, career-focused

Historic, as China’s first Sino-foreign university. Diverse, with a vibrant campus community of 8,000 students and staff from over 60 countries and regions. Excellent, with a spot among the world’s top 100 according to the QS World University Rankings 2020. Accessible, with funding and support for over 500 postgraduate students. A high ROI, with career-focused services and programmes that land graduates in leading companies around the world.

These elements collectively provide a student experience like none other at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC).

“At UNNC, we offer excellent learning and research infrastructure. We are proud of our superb faculty made up of world renowned educators and researchers,” confirms Professor May Tan-Mullins, vice provost for teaching and learning. “Through combining innovative and interactive teaching pedagogies and world-class teaching facilities, UNNC will encourage you to think creatively, develop new ideas, and empower you with the necessary skills to become excellent global citizens.”

University of Nottingham Ningbo China

Here, excellence is rewarded and diversity is promoted through a wide range of scholarships. Source: University of Nottingham Ningbo China

Located in one of the most prosperous corners of China, this university offers every student a chance to enjoy a UK education — taught entirely in English — plus a lifetime of memories.

The province of Ningbo, Zhejiang is a 7,000-year-old city with a fascinating identity and history. It is the hometown of Tu Youyou, the first Chinese woman to be awarded a Nobel prize for her discoveries concerning a novel therapy against malaria. The Ningbo Museum — a stone work marvel — was designed by Wang Shu, the first Chinese citizen to win the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2012. Shanghai — and all its glitz, Ferraris and old-word character — is two and a half hours or 36 kilometres away via a sea bridge, the world’s longest. The UNNC campus itself is home to over 70 societies and 20 service-oriented student organisations.

“I really liked that I would have exposure to both British and Chinese education systems,” says California native Julia Aughenbaugh. “Having a balance of academic work, internships, and activities really helped me.”

Here, excellence is rewarded and diversity is promoted through a wide range of scholarships –– some of which are available exclusively to international students. In fact, nearly 30% of UNNC’s undergraduate students and over 40% of its postgraduate students were awarded scholarships for their entry. Once enrolled, current students are eligible for additional merit and/or performance-based scholarships and awards which cover approximately 32.5% of its entire student body.

With or without a scholarship, every UNNC graduate goes on to achieve greatness. They have secured jobs with prominent Chinese employers such as the Bank of China. On a global scale, alumni can be found excelling multinational organisations such as Boeing, Amazon, Hilton, IKEA, KPMG, Nestlé, Standard Chartered Bank, DHL, Google, and more. Additionally, its reports indicate that the employment rate of PhD graduates has reached 100% for six consecutive years. A contributing factor to these impressive outcomes? Preparation and guidance.

“UNNC is a great university to start the journey of a professional career, not only because of its education but also because of all the advice and support given to students during their job hunting,” enthuses Clara Martinez Naranjo, a BA International Communications exchange student from Spain.

University of Nottingham Ningbo China

With or without a scholarship, every UNNC graduate goes on to achieve professional greatness. Source: University of Nottingham Ningbo China

“It is not easy to let go of a student’s good life and start preparing for job interviews, write a good CV, or behave at work. Luckily for us, the university has a great platform called ‘Careers and Employability service’ where you can search for job positions and also learn many intricacies of the professional world.”

MSc Finance and Investment student Israel Owolabi from Nigeria agrees. “As big as UNNC has grown, the university monitors the academic performance of each and every student with personal tutors always available to ask me about my performance, experience and difficulties and seek to help me as best as they can to improve my overall performance,” he explains. “It is not only about helping me in those situations again that endeared UNNC to my heart but their interest in my employability status; they offer guidance to students on their choice of career and also guided me in writing an outstanding CV.”

That’s not all. The service also enables students to take part in the Nottingham Advantage Award — a free programme focusing on skills, employability and personal development.

Internships at prestigious organisations such as IBM, Microsoft, Siemens and Ogilvy allow students to apply their newfound knowledge. Optional, free classes in Mandarin Chinese come in handy for international students looking to pursue careers within China. Last but not least? A multinational community of classmates and lecturers — from diverse backgrounds and armed with distinctive aspirations — makes it even easier to build an expansive network.

To experience these unique offerings first-hand, learn more about beginning your UNNC journey here.

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