University of New England: The #1 Australian university for ambitious Malaysians
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University of New England: The #1 Australian university for ambitious Malaysians

University of New England (UNE) graduates possess a dynamism that sets them apart. A shining example of this is Pat, a Malaysian who pursued a BA in Economics and a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning at the university known for its five-star experience. Upon returning to Malaysia, she secured an accountant role at ExxonMobil with the company acknowledging the significance of her Financial Planning qualification, highlighting the calibre of the education she received and its relevance to the real world.

“My Economics degree, on the other hand, laid the foundation for my entire career, which has moved from accountancy to human resources and my own consulting business,” says Pat. “I have maintained ties to UNE — and gained many new friends — through my association with the UNE Malaysia Alumni Chapter (UNEMA) and the Malaysian Australian Alumni Council (MAAC), serving as president of both organisations. And through MAAC, which is an association of all alumni chapters of Australian universities in Malaysia, I have been able to promote UNE as a leading educational institution.”

With a campus in Armidale and Sydney, UNE is one of Australia’s oldest universities, offering over 170+ courses for the undergraduate, postgraduate, and higher degree research levels, available both online and on campus. It is the only Australian public university awarded the maximum of five stars for Overall Experience 17 years in a row by the Good Universities Guide.

From day one at UNE to graduation, Malaysian students like Pat have a supportive community by their side every step of the way.

With students from over 70 nations studying at Armidale, the community is proud of its diverse, multicultural society.
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A real Australian experience in Sydney and Armidale

 Multicultural Australia is warm and inclusive — perfect for Malaysian students to immerse themselves in diverse cultures and establish international connections. Whether you’re studying in Armidale or Sydney, you can truly experience a real Australian experience — as Pat did.

“I lived in Mary White College — a multicultural community that gave me a great opportunity to learn about a variety of national cultures. I made many friends while I was there, and many of us continue to keep in touch despite now being in different countries,” Pat says.

UNE believes that with the right support at the right time, international students can achieve anything they set their minds to. To this end, UNE offers comprehensive services for international students, helping them out with arrivals, adapting to a new environment, accommodation, and academic assistance. Malaysians can benefit from the UNE International Bursary as well, which offers a 20% reduction in the annual tuition fee, making your education more affordable.

Whether you prefer a traditional on-campus experience or the flexibility of online study, UNE caters to your needs, ensuring a seamless academic journey. From a small student-to-teacher ratio to award-winning researchers who double as teachers, these features make programmes here transformative. These include the MBA (International), Bachelor of Nursing (Graduate Entry), Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Computer Science, Master of Information Technology, Master of Laws, and a soon-to-launch Cybersecurity programme.

Pat enjoyed the privilege of immersing herself in the time-honoured traditions of a traditional university setting, enhanced by the advantages of small class sizes and exceptional access to dedicated lecturers.

“I highly recommend UNE for a top-notch education in a supportive learning environment,” she says. “The education I received was superb, and the lecturers and tutors were wonderful. They gave me personalised attention when I needed help with my studies, and I believe I would not have made it without their guidance and encouragement.”

Living in Armidale provides a remarkable advantage thanks to its lower cost of living compared to major Australian cities. From affordable housing options to budget-friendly daily expenses, you can make the most of the welcoming and inclusive community here. With on-campus accommodation available at UNE Armidale, you can skip the hassle of competing for limited rental options in Sydney too.

Australia is multicultural, vibrant and welcomes all Malaysians with open arms.
Source: University of New England

Work part-time while studying at UNE

Beyond academics, students at Armidale can also work part-time without disrupting their course schedule. The city council aims to create 4,000 new jobs by 2040, with an immediate target of 1,000 positions within the next five years. This opens up a world of possibilities for students. You can gain practical experience, develop transferable skills, and earn additional income.

Pair this with extensive career support services and UNE students are set to increase their chances of being the best candidate for their dream jobs. These offerings include job-search aid, employability workshops, internships, and personalised career counselling. Such a proactive approach ensures students are well-informed and equipped to pursue their career aspirations confidently.

Extend your stay in Australia after graduation

Many Malaysians find themselves falling in love with Australia while studying here. If you wish to extend your stay in this beautiful country after graduating, Armidale makes the ideal starting point as this hidden gem in the regional landscape provides plenty of migration benefits.

By studying in Armidale, you can stay in Australia for an extra two years once your student visa expires. The Australian government has also recently announced an additional two years of post-study work rights for international graduates with eligible qualifications. Armidale could be the gateway to a longer and more fulfilling stay in Australia, making your study journey from Malaysia to Australia even more rewarding.

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