University of Miami: Experiential learning, dynamic graduates
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University of Miami: Experiential learning, dynamic graduates

Miami, located in the Sunshine State of Florida, is known for its pristine beaches, lively nightlife and glorious weather. As great as it is, these aren’t the reasons why Giovanna Boutris Paschoalin decided to leave São Paulo and move to Miami.

Having joined an academy in Florida to play tennis and study English when she was 14 years old, Paschoalin first fell in love with the country for its infrastructure, learning, culture, diversity, and the importance of sports that are offered in the US. Soon, she would find it the best place to pursue a Master of Science in Data Science.  

“The University of Miami, being one of the top leading colleges in Florida and one of the most prestigious schools in the US, could only bring benefits to my curriculum and to my life,” she shares.

Choosing the University of Miami was an easy choice for Paschoalin. “I decided to go to the University of Miami, not only because the school offers astounding research and academic development, but also the value that a student receives throughout the programme, is impressive.” Specifically, the impact it would bring to her future career. “I knew that obtaining a degree from the University of Miami would increase my opportunities for employment in the future, which was an essential factor in my decision between educational institutions.”

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Situated in the heart of Miami, the University of Miami has top-notch facilities providing a life-changing experience for students. Source: University of Miami

The MSDS programme at the University of Miami is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills to guide and support them in pursuing a career in data science. Paschoalin notes that during her time at the University of Miami and through her internships, she developed hard and soft skills such as programming, interpreting data, communication, and teamwork. 

When asked about her favourite subjects, Paschoalin shares that she enjoyed marketing analytics and applied big data analytics the most as they relate to the career she wishes to pursue. “From the subjects, I learned to develop relevant programming abilities, demonstrate proficiency with statistical data analysis and apply strategic methods to solve marketing problems and communicate these solutions effectively,” she says.

What sets the University of Miami’s MSDS programme apart is its well-designed curriculum combining theory and practice. The university has many resources available to launch tech start-ups, make industry connections, and network with tech leaders in many fields and disciplines. At the small business incubator Launch Pad, for example, students can start, build, and scale their startup business. Whereas at eMerge Americas — an annual B2B tech conference expo where attendees from Latin America, North America, and Europe present their latest ideas, products, and enterprises — students were able to showcase some of the unique data science projects as well, including a seawall that dissipates the energy of dangerous waves, goggles that diagnose eye diseases, and a drone that can map thousands of acres in only days.

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The MSDS programme has numerous internship opportunities for students to embark on. Source: University of Miami

For students interested in undertaking an internship during the course of their study, MSDS offers many options. Many students have interned in top companies such asThe Walt Disney Company, ArcGIS, Phizzle Inc, StaarTech, World Fuel Services, and Royal Caribbean.

Paschoalin did not miss out on this opportunity and was able to intern at two companies in just one year: Miami Heat and Safra Bank. “Miami Heat excelled in improving and teaching me new skills. During the internship, I had the opportunity to develop and gain new tech skills in tools such as PowerBi and SQL,” she says. “I obtained more leadership confidence, as presentations were held throughout the whole programme. I learned a lot about how an organisation works and how each department relies on each other as well.”

Excelling in her programme, however, would not be possible without her mentors and professors. She credits them for their constant support and guidance while pursuing her master’s programme and completing her internships. “The support I had, and the reputation the school has, indeed helped me get my two internships in one year of the programme,” she says. 

This is only the beginning for Paschoalin. With the rate of employment for data and information research scientists expected to rise by 19% by the year 2026, she is confident that with the knowledge and skills she has gained, she will be able to land her dream job. “My actual dream job would be to work as a business or data analyst for a company that has a significant impact on society such as Walt Disney World, Miami Heat, Apple, ESPN, Spotify and so on.”

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