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As an exchange student at the University of Luxembourg, Kira Klymenko had high expectations of her time there. All were easily surpassed, spurring her to choose its Master of Science in Finance and Economics after completing her undergraduate degree in Ukraine. “It’s worth noting that my positive impression of the university is not unique, as many of my friends from the ERASMUS programme also chose to return to Luxembourg,” she says.

That positive experience would continue until she graduated — and even beyond. “Upon arriving in Luxembourg, I registered for a study buddy programme and was fortunate enough to have a student from the University of Luxembourg greet me at the central train station and guide me to my residence and the university,” she says. “This made me feel cared for, as my hospitable study buddy not only showed me around the campus, but also shared many tips and tricks to help me settle in smoothly for the semester.”

Professors helped her overcome many challenges and achieve just as many goals. “I would like to highlight my study director Zsófia Kräussl for her exceptional motivation and unwavering commitment to supporting students,” Klymenko says. “Prof. Kräussl’s dedication to fostering a productive and supportive environment has created a space where students can develop and grow both personally and professionally.”

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At the University of Luxembourg, friends, peers, professors and staff are always ready to help, guide and inspire. Source: University of Luxembourg

Nosbusch Stoyan, pursuing a Bachelor in Law, shares a similar sentiment. Having arrived at the Belval campus during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, navigating the large campus with his mask on was difficult — until he met a student who spoke Bulgarian, which Stoyan also spoke. 

In class, he found professors were always aware of the needs of students and did not hesitate to adapt their teaching style for those struggling to grasp certain concepts — which was great help in classes where students were exploring transnational law. Faculty members are just as responsive to emails from anyone seeking assistance with their coursework. “FDEF student counsellor Nadège Meyer-Hamy offered significant assistance in writing CVs and letters of motivation as well as helping us source job/internship opportunities,” he says.

For Klymenko, small classes keep the discussions engaging and personalised — something she truly appreciates. “[They] provide an excellent opportunity for students to engage with their professors and ask any questions they might have missed,” she says. 

Some professors even go out of their way to help students pursue their passion. Aleks Panzone, for example, founded a marketing agency and an iced tea business while studying.

“I founded my own company during my Bachelor’s studies together with two friends who are also studying the [Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEI)] here at [the University of Luxembourg],” he shares. 

Theofilos Papasternos and Mickaël Géraudel were two professors that stood out to Panzone. They took time out of their personal lives to guide Panzone, provide him with valuable input, and support him to continue his pursuits outside the classroom. 

Perhaps the most profound impact of this programme was how it closed the gap between the practical and the theoretical on his entrepreneurship journey. “I did have a lot of practical knowledge already for starting a business from doing it on my own, but the university definitely helped in giving me more theoretical knowledge, for example, how to do market research or hypothesis testing,” he shares. 

University of Luxembourg

The Career Centre helps students improve their employability. Source: University of Luxembourg

Those needing further guidance to prepare for their future careers can head towards the Career Centre. It offers tailored support, advice, and resources to help students identify their aspirations, strengths, and talents. These include free CV photoshoots and live consultation rounds on how to excel in job interviews, as well as extensive guidance on preparing job application documents.

The JobTeaser platform — exclusive only to University of Luxembourg students and alumni — is where students and graduates can find over 10,000 job vacancies and internships, more than 150 online and on-site events, as well as personalised resources and advice. 

It’s yet another offering from the University of Luxembourg that sets students up for success. As Klymenko, Stoyan and Panzone’s stories show, the university is driven by excellence in all its activities — especially in how it transforms students into smarter, well-rounded and worldlier graduates. 

“I’d say that the University of Luxembourg is there for everybody through a well-structured and welcoming environment from the first day. The study buddy programme provides a smooth and natural integration,” says Klymenko. 

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