University of Luxembourg: A transformational study experience in the heart of Europe
University of Luxembourg

International. Multicultural. At the crossroads of Europe.

These are the reasons why the University of Luxembourg attracts talented students and staff from all over the world. It proudly ranks in first place in terms of “international outlook” in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2020.

This year, the University has even more to offer.

To keep their degrees fresh and relevant, the University is widening its course offerings to tailor to more individual aspirations.

Bachelor programmes to watch in 2020

Bachelor in Medicine (BMED)

This programme takes a fresh approach to the study of medicine without losing any essential mainstays you need to join the noble profession.

Throughout the BMED, you will get to focus on the early development of clinical skills through training by simulation, tutoring by experienced doctors and advanced technologies to ensure that you are ready for the future of healthcare.

Bachelor in Mathematics (BMATH)

Want to amp up your knowledge in the fundamental fields of algebra, analysis and geometry?

Or dig deeper into concepts that link to mathematics, such as physics, computer science or mathematics didactics?

Then take a look at this new BMATH degree as it caters to all those quantitative ambitions, and more.

University of Luxembourg

Bachelor in Physics (BPHY)

The best thing about studying physics is that it is a fundamental science that most engineering fields stem from.

By the time you graduate from this new physics programme, you will have acquired valuable transferable skills that can be applied to many and varied careers.

Bachelor in Engineering (BENG)

This practical BENG supplies you with a solid foundation in the fields of electrotechnics, energy and environment, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and digital engineering.

It also offers the necessary skills to quickly enter the job market or continue your studies with a Master’s degree at the University of Luxembourg.

Bachelor in Animation (BAN)

For all the artistic folks out there, the BAN teaches you the fundamentals of design and animation in order to enter the creative industry in Luxembourg and beyond.

Not only has this course been redesigned to appeal to your future employers, but it also teaches you the art of 3D Computer Animation; with a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship as well as artistic and technical skills.

University of Luxembourg

Master programmes to watch in 2020

MSc in Finance and Economics: Sustainable finance track

A sustainable finance track has been added to the Master of Science in Finance and Economics programme that covers diverse aspects of risk and opportunity related to sustainability in the economy of tomorrow.

This track has a syllabus shaped by professionals and will include hands-on experience in sustainable finance and impact investing.

If you are looking for a Master’s degree that will allow you to develop effective sustainable strategies for both private and public financial institutions, this is it.

MSc in Quantitative Economics and Finance

This is another Master finance degree that exposes highly talented students to fundamental research methods in the fields of economics and finance.

This degree will position you for a career in academia, public institutions or high-level finance companies. Plus, you will be studying in one of Europe’s leading financial centres – what could be better?

Master in Transnational German Studies

If you are inspired by cultural history and you light up talking about literature, then this new course is for you.

You will study deep cultural-historical, literary and linguistic knowledge, and specific modules such as “Medieval and Early Modern Literature”. All of which prepare you for a diverse array of professional opportunities.

Master in Parliamentary Studies

With its practical study approach, this programme is the prime choice for those who want to contribute to the knowledge and study of the functioning of contemporary decision-making and legislative processes at regional, national, European and international level.

If you are passionate about democracy and want to build an impactful career out of this, then this is a degree you should consider.

To enquire about this course, or any others that have caught your attention above, click here for the international office contact page.

Remember, all degrees at Luxembourg have different teaching languages and options to spend a study semester abroad or to take part in a rewarding internship scheme, so please check before applying!

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