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University of Louisville: Unleash your potential in business

The University of Louisville College of Business’s competitive-based paid internship opportunities prepare students for the working world and help them secure full-time jobs. Just ask STEM Master of Science in Business Analytics student from India, Jayasree Gade.

“Using the skills I got from my programme, I was able to get two internship offers at the same time. I worked for one company for one month and then joined another company where I am currently working full-time,” she says.

The STEM Master of Science in Business Analytics combines information systems technologies, data modelling and analytics, with business acumen and impactful communications.

“For the MSBA programme, data scientists need to have a working knowledge of cloud computing, which is fundamental to working for a company engaged in cloud-based business operations,” says instructor Warren (Dale) McIntosh. “Students work in a team and apply Enterprise Design Thinking (EDT) principles for a fictitious business case. Students also use the knowledge gained about cloud computing and EDT to address the business’s needs in the case.”

During internships, students apply knowledge gained from the classrooms to real-world business scenarios in some of the city’s best companies including Humana, UPS, GE Appliances, Pharmerica, Appris, Yum! Brands, Papa Johns, Texas Roadhouse, Brown Forman, Sazerac and many more.

Along the way, students network, advance their career goals and get paid well. Those who successfully interview for a position with our over 150 business partners earn on average US$25,000 over an 11-month experience.

Daytime internship hours allow for uninterrupted evening classes on two to three nights a week. As conventional employees during normal work hours, students get insight into what it’s like to follow company standards for work performance, behaviour, and appearance.

Students work on average 30 hours per week, but can flex with the demands and needs of the organisation, balancing work with the rigour and demands of their coursework.

Through the internship programme, Gade shares that she picked up skills such as time management, teamwork and adaptability. “We have to manage both the internship and the classes along with assignment deadlines. This helped me in my job in completing the given tasks within the given time,” she shares.

No matter the task, College of Business students are ready for it. “Because of the course structure that helped even students with non-IT backgrounds, I was able to quickly learn new concepts and gradually pick up the speed,” says Gade. “Also, with the team environment, I learned to accept the different perspectives of team members and come up with a single solution that all the team members accept through discussions. This helped me learn different tools used by different team members to solve the same problem.”

Source: University of Louisville College of Business

Available to students and alumni, the college offers mentoring, career counselling, internship searches, interview preparation, career fairs, and events. Source: University of Louisville College of Business

Great ROI

The College of Business is an AACSB-accredited institution that offers business programmes with great return on investment. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, the Top 100 business school and an R-1 Carnegie Classified University offers graduate programmes including the Full-Time MBA, Innovation MBA, Online MBA, Professional MBA, Master of Science in Accounting and Analytics (MSAA), and Master of Science in Business Analytics, as well as a PhD in Entrepreneurship.

The college also provides multiple certificate programmes, most of which are very unique to Louisville. These include graduate certificates in Distilled Spirits Business, Franchise Management, Horse Racing Business, Family Business, Managerial Analytics, and undergraduate certificates in Accounting, Equine Business, and Franchise Management.

“We are in the process of developing certificates in the Business of Healthcare, Sales, and perhaps others,” says Ryan Quinn, Assistant Dean for Innovation and Strategy. “The graduate certificates can be taken as part of an MBA programme, or independently. They give students expertise in a distinct, marketable area with nine credit hours of work. They are delivered in an asynchronous online format, making them highly accessible on anyone’s schedule, no matter where they live in the world. They prepare students for specific careers in specific domains or industries.”

To pursue any of these programmes is to gain a quality education with a relatively low cost of attendance compared to other US universities of its calibre. Ninety-percent of graduates are employed or promoted within three months of graduation, with the average starting salary for MBA graduates at US$75,680.

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