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University of Liverpool: Short-term study with long-term impact in a city everyone can enjoy

Sydney Taylor loved her time in Liverpool. Brimming with character, music and art, the city lived up to its reputation as one of the friendliest in the world, as well as the safest city in the UK. Like those before her, she found Liverpool captivating. It not only made the perfect gateway to the rest of the UK and Europe but also the setting for her time at the University of Liverpool. Although she was part of the renowned Russell Group university for only a semester, she described it as “one of the best decisions” she’s ever made.

“Liverpool isn’t a massive city so you don’t feel overwhelmed but there is always something to do,” the Victoria University of Wellington student says. “The university itself is great. The campus was social and the perfect environment to make friends. I loved my classes and my lectures were extremely knowledgeable in their fields.”

When it comes to culture, Liverpool has plenty. Aside from being the birthplace of The Beatles and home to two Premier League football clubs, the city also has more museums and galleries than any other UK city outside of the capital and apart from London, Liverpool is the most filmed city in the UK. From the hip Baltic Quarter to the historic Royal Albert Dock, world-class events take place all year round.

And thanks to its affordability, students can experience the lively arts scene, football matches and vibrant nightlife to the fullest. Just ask student Grace Edgar. “Liverpool is an amazing city for students and that’s evident in the culture embedded in cafes, pubs and events throughout Liverpool,” she says.

Rochelle Rasiah from Australia’s Monash University found campus just as exciting. “Joining clubs and societies on campus is a fantastic way to make new friends and meet-ups usually involve food!” she says. “I’ve been able to meet people from lots of different countries. This University has hundreds of societies so there’s bound to be one that catches your fancy.”

University of Liverpool

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The University of Liverpool is “the original redbrick university” with a reputation for world-class research and teaching by leading academics tackling some of the world’s toughest challenges. Today, it is ranked in the top 200 universities worldwide by QS World University Rankings 2024. Its short-term study programmes offer a preview to this global, Top 200 ranked university — an experience of a lifetime with benefits that last long after graduation.

In today’s competitive job market, a study abroad experience, even a short-term one, can provide significant advantages. Numerous studies have shown that students gain skills that employers today seek during these stints. These students often get better grades, master a new language, are better able to work with people from other countries and appreciate the nuances of global issues. Those visiting the University of Liverpool can look forward to becoming such highly-skilled world citizens.

University of Liverpool

Join the University of Liverpool for a semester or a year for the ultimate immersion, both academic and cultural, in a global Top 200 university. Source: University of Liverpool

There’s a range of incredible programmes on offer that give undergraduates the chance to learn alongside experts for a summer, semester or an entire year. Longer-term programmes such as a Full Year or Semester Abroad allow students to benefit from a longer stay in Liverpool. Both routes unlock access to its full subject range across its Department of Biostatistics, School of the Arts, School of Engineering, School of Environmental Sciences, Department of Philosophy, its pioneering School of Medicine, or its triple-accredited Management School. The list goes on, and can be explored here.

Since pathways are flexible, students can take this opportunity to either expand their existing knowledge or broaden their intellectual horizons by adopting new areas of focus. The interdisciplinary route is a popular choice, particularly for its ability to boost professional versatility.

For those interested in shorter-term options, the university runs fantastic summer programmes including the research-focused Summer Research Programme, culturally immersive International Summer School and the language intensive Study Abroad +English programme.

Like full-degree students, study abroad students will be able to live in university accommodation, leverage all state-of-the-art facilities, and earn valuable credits. Throughout, they get to enjoy the student experience the University of Liverpool is known for. The institution understands that while life-changing, getting accustomed to life abroad is no easy feat; hence why it offers an array of support that starts from day one.

Its Global Opportunities team invites visiting students to join various online sessions before arrival to ensure no questions go unanswered. Upon arriving, students spend an entire week getting into the swing of things. Welcome week, which is held at the beginning of semester one and two, includes orientation, a formal welcome event, campus and city tours, a scavenger hunt and much more. The Buddy Scheme, pairs Liverpool students who have returned from studying overseas with those joining the university for a semester or a year. As full members of the university community, they also have unlimited access to welfare facilities and services ranging from mental health to financial and visa advice, plus access to many student societies and organisations, as well as a help desk fully dedicated to their specific needs.

Here, study abroad students are truly part of the university. And thanks to a series of events, trips and tours organised by the Global Opportunities Team throughout the semester, students can experience true British culture as they make friends and visit new places.

All students are considered university alumni. They are connected to Liverpool for life. Graduates can still access career services, digital resources and connections with over 120,000 graduates worldwide. The best part? Should study abroad students wish to one day return for advanced studies, tuition fees will be discounted.

“Thank you Liverpool for the culture shock, best friends, and endless memories,” says Abby Royer, a Northern Arizona University graduate. I couldn’t think of a better place to have spent the last six months learning and growing into the person I am. I am so grateful for all the experiences; I wouldn’t trade a single moment for anything.”

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