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University of Guelph: Master of Dairy Technology Management at ‘Canada’s Dairy University’

If you seek to advance your career in the rapidly growing dairy sector, start at the University of Guelph’s Ontario Agricultural College. The OAC’s new Master of Dairy Technology Management prepares students for the growing dairy processing industry worldwide. It’s the ideal option for anyone passionate about the sustainability of the food system, supply and value chain management, food safety and quality management, traceability of food products, from farm to fork, and food industry trends and policy.

University of Guelph

Source: University of Guelph

The best part? It is fully online and the first of its kind. “Emerging process technologies, the growing dairy analogues sector, ongoing diversification of dairy products, and customer demands for improved sustainability and animal welfare are evidence that the future of the dairy industry will not be business as usual,” says Dr. Art Hill, co-creator of the new programme.

“The Master of Dairy Technology Management, delivered jointly by the Department of Food Science and the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics, will prepare dairy industry leaders to guide the development and application of technologies to meet the complex challenges of the industry in the 21st century.”

The programme is interdisciplinary. Students not only learn how to deal with increasingly complex global supply chains, but how scientific and technological advances offer new approaches to dairy processing and product formulation too. They explore how to enhance the quality, efficiency, food safety, traceability, and sustainability of dairy products across the globe through effective technology management. They combine scientific, economic and business knowledge and information to make effective technology management decisions.

The goal is to transform passions for management and innovation in dairy processing into three overarching competencies: Dairy Science and Technology; Management of Operations, Food Safety Systems and Quality Assurance; and Market and Technology Assessment.

The first term starts with an emphasis on the science foundations of dairy products and processing. This is followed by the second term which expands on dairy processing operations and technology assessment. The degree concludes with a project in the third term.

Knowledge, expertise and research of world-class faculty

MDTM students will be part of a supportive and innovative community of scholars. “I invite you to explore OAC’s graduate programmes and look forward to welcoming you to our community of world-class, innovative scholars! As a graduate student in our programs, you will be inspired and engaged in discovery, knowledge generation, problem-solving, professional development and in making a significant contribution to your community and the world around you,” says Dr. Rene Van Acker, the dean of OAC.

University of Guelph

Source: University of Guelph

As the MDTM is jointly offered by two University of Guelph departments in the OAC, students will get twice the exposure. They will get to learn from the Department of Food Science’s researchers who study the chemical, physical and microbiological aspects of food with the goal of ensuring consumers have access to nutritious, high-quality food that is safe to eat.

And they will also get to learn from the experts at the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics (FARE). Their work focuses on applied economics and business analysis along the entire food value chain, from farm to fork.

A track record of excellence

The university holds many impressive rankings. It is:

  • #1 in Canada and #12 in the world for agricultural sciences.
  • #1 in Canada and #13 in the world for food sciences and technology
  • #2 in Canada and #44 in the world for plant and animal science.
  • #3 in Canada and #99 in the world for environment/ecology

From September 2022, the excellence of OAC has been made available to more talented individuals from around the world. OAC has introduced three brand-new Dairy Technology management courses: Dairy Chemistry and Microbiology, Principles of Food Safety and Quality Assurance, and International Food Industry and Policy Analysis.

These courses are core to the MDTM programme but may also be taken individually and later counted towards the Master’s degree.

Lifelong learners can not only deepen their scientific knowledge of dairy processing, but also learn modern methods of quality management and explore the structure and functioning of the agri-food sector. The courses are set to provide professional development, new skills, and career advancement – just the kind needed by a dairy sector facing widespread labour shortages.

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