University of Georgia College of Engineering: The ultimate destination for aspiring engineers
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University of Georgia College of Engineering: The ultimate destination for aspiring engineers

Engineers are known for honing the knowledge and skills needed to innovate our society forward. A handful of the field’s most dynamic professions developed their competencies at the University of Georgia (UGA) — the birthplace of public higher education in America.

If you’re keen on becoming one of them, fast-tracking your journey by commencing in either Fall or Summer 2023 will be a great choice. Opportunities abound at UGA, and to fully leverage them all, no time can be wasted.

Chartered by the state of Georgia in 1785, UGA is experienced in every sense of the word. Over the years, it has tackled some of the world’s biggest challenges — from combating infectious diseases and creating a dependable food supply to advancing economic growth and strengthening cyber and global security. It’s little wonder why educators here double as leaders in pivotal fields, such as vaccine development, regenerative medicine, plant sciences and more.

Their efforts have propelled UGA to becoming one of the US’s top universities for technology commercialisation, with more than 725 products to date derived from university research. Hence why those who choose to study here are surrounded by inspiration, making this top 20 institution the perfect place for budding engineers looking to innovate the next big thing.

UGA’s superb location in Athens, Georgia is an added bonus. Just an hour away from the capital state of Atlanta, Athens combines a vibrant community atmosphere with a robust economic centre. The city boasts an easily walkable downtown, with art galleries, a vibrant music scene, and a growing selection of trendy dining options. Beyond the hustle and bustle lies beautiful and welcoming neighbourhoods, offering students ample opportunities for recreation, accommodation, and social experiences. Where better to balance out the rigours of a future-focused degree programme?

The College of Engineering offers plenty of those, welcoming engineers from diverse backgrounds to enhance their skills in one of America’s esteemed “Public Ivies.” The division comprises four dynamic interdisciplinary schools: the School of Chemical, Materials and Biomedical Engineering; School of Computing; School of Environmental, Civil, Agricultural and Mechanical Engineering; and the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

All four instil a strong sense of belonging among their students while providing numerous exceptional benefits — one of which is velocity. The Double Dawgs programme is a UGA hallmark, enabling students, including tomorrow’s engineers, to earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in five years or less. This places ambitious students on the fast track towards landing high-impact roles or conducting ground-breaking research — both of which they can thoroughly prepare for at UGA.

Source: University of Georgia, College of Engineering

As a distinguished Tier One Research Institution, UGA is home to several state-of-the-art spaces and resources open to the College of Engineering. Researchers within the department have three aims, otherwise known as “challenge clusters”: Advancing Human Wellness, Cognition and Learning; Developing Advanced Material, Device and Cyber Technologies and Tools; and Engineering Secure, Resilient and Sustainable Systems.

To achieve these the best possible outcomes, the College leverages the power of interdisciplinary perspectives. It has established partnerships with its colleagues across campus in areas including physics, chemistry, public health, pharmacy, computer sciences and agriculture. Collaborations like these ensure engineering students graduate versatile enough to thrive in a range of sectors.

To keep lessons relevant, UGA College of Engineering evolves with time. It has dedicated US$80 million towards bolstering its on campus research facilities. Students here already have access to the newly renovated Driftmier Engineering Centre, which offers additional instructional spaces, and the Boyd Graduate Studies Research Centre provides 1,500 square feet of space for graduate student workspaces. To apply knowledge off campus, students can engage in fieldwork, study abroad trips, co-ops, and internships.

Eight accredited undergraduate and seven graduate engineering degree programmes unlock the full experience. At the postgraduate level, UGA College of Engineering offers programmes in Biochemical Engineering, Biological Engineering, Biomanufacturing and Bioprocessing, Computer Science Cybersecurity and Privacy, Applied Mathematical Sciences, Engineering, Engineering with an Electrical and Computer Engineering Emphasis, Agricultural Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Engineering with a Mechanical Engineering Emphasis.

The UGA College of Engineering also offers a range of doctoral programmes specialising in most of these areas. To find out why else the UGA College of Engineering is the perfect place for you, click here. Ready to take the leap? Click here to apply today.

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