University of Galway: From young students to future leaders in sustainability
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University of Galway: From young students to future leaders in sustainability

A University of Galway education can take you on fantastic adventures. At this university you’ll study in the city which ranked first in the world in 2023 for “Student Friendliness”. Here you’ll explore the stars, the seas and everything that lives between them. The beauty and grandeur that exist on a scale beyond our imagination are yours to explore, unravel, and learn to protect. There’s so much we can learn from the natural world, knowledge that will not just live in scientific journals but used to improve our health and well-being.

With the School of Natural Sciences, anyone with these aspirations can convert their passions to become a future leader ready to build a better, more sustainable world.

Why you should choose the University of Galway

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Students and partners of the University of Galway have many good things to say about the university. It’s a champion of One Health, an all-encompassing approach to achieve the best health outcomes for people, animals and ecosystems. As the university is ranked #34 worldwide for sustainability and #1 in Ireland for impact (Times Higher Education), studying here means learning from the world’s best minds in these disciplines.

In this nurturing environment, many excel. They graduate with not just a change-making degree, but with memories of living in an area of outstanding natural beauty in the west of Ireland. It is a true Irish experience in the only English-speaking country within the European Union. And for everything it offers, programmes here are competitively priced — they are more affordable than most similar courses in the US East Coast.

School of Natural Sciences: Programmes packed with action and impact

There are countless reasons, to consider joining the School of Natural Sciences. It’s home to world-class experts in various fields of natural sciences including botany, zoology, physics, geology, marine science, and environmental science. They run cutting-edge research projects that address global challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, infectious diseases, and food security.

As a student here, you’ll learn the latest breakthroughs from them as you work together in state-of-the-art laboratories and on field trips. For a headstart into your future career, the school facilitates work placements and internships with leading organisations and industries as well. Whether on campus or at your future workplaces, you’ll always have the support and camaraderie of the school’s students and staff from different backgrounds and cultures.

Students in the field for the Environmental Science Studies. Source: University of Galway

These are powerful experiences and connections — both of which you can find in one of the school’s degrees below:

Environmental Science

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science offers an interdisciplinary exploration of humanity’s interaction with the environment. Understanding the planet is more crucial than ever, and this programme equips you to tackle its challenges. The first year builds a strong scientific foundation, where you’ll explore diverse subjects while specialising in areas of interest. Emphasising fieldwork and offering study-abroad opportunities, the programme fosters deep understanding within a small, supportive environment. Graduates have found success with government agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency, Geological Survey of Ireland, local authorities, and environmental consulting firms.

Marine Science

The Bachelor of Science in Marine Science unravels the mysteries of marine life and environments, shedding light on their formation, evolution, and the impact of human activity. As the sole Irish institution offering this unique programme, the university boasts the country’s highest concentration of marine scientists. You’ll follow a curriculum encompassing marine biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and more. The programme offers exclusive fieldwork opportunities aboard the Tom Crean ship, allowing specialisation in oceanography, marine zoology, or marine botany. Graduates find themselves immersed in scientific research and the burgeoning blue economy.

Occupational Health and Safety Management

For those passionate about ensuring safe and healthy workplaces, the BSc in Occupational Health and Safety Management beckons. A multidisciplinary endeavour, this programme examines the relationship between workplace factors and human health, safety, and well-being. With a curriculum spanning the basic sciences, health sciences, engineering, law, and management, graduates emerge as well-rounded professionals.

You’ll also undergo a seven-month work placement in the industry during the third year, providing you with real-world experience. Fourth-year students are undertaking placements with organisations like Boston Scientific, Hollister, and the Irish Defence Forces. Accredited by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, this programme opens doors to careers across all sectors.

Earth and Ocean Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Earth and Ocean Sciences offers a distinctive geoscience perspective, covering a spectrum of disciplines such as mineralogy, geochemistry, marine biogeochemistry, and more. Graduates find themselves at the forefront of geotourism, groundwater protection, and academic research, contributing significantly to an industry worth over three billion euros annually.


The Bachelor of Science in Physics is a gateway to understanding the fundamental principles of the universe. In this four-year journey, you explore various subjects before delving into specialised pathways like Applied Astrophysics, Biomedical Physics, Climate Physics, and Theoretical Physics. A third-year field trip to Italy’s National Institute for Astrophysics awaits physics and astrophysics enthusiasts. Graduate Laura Britton has fond memories of studying physics at the University of Galway. “The undergraduate degree gave me a strong foundation in physics theory, and in particular, I developed the confidence to break any problem down into its fundamentals and solve it with critical thinking,” she says.

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