University of Fribourg: Excellent student city, people and master’s programmes in Switzerland
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University of Fribourg: Excellent student city, people and master’s programmes in Switzerland

If you’re looking for a university that puts your success and well-being first, the University of Fribourg is the place to be. It’s nestled in a strategic city and country. Cosmopolitan and lively university town Fribourg is one of the largest medieval towns in the country. Breathtaking mountains, serene lakes, and an overall safe atmosphere provide an excellent quality of life for students who come from near and far. As for Switzerland, it’s not just the European seat of the UN and headquarters of the Red Cross, it’s also home to one of the world’s best education systems according to the World Competitiveness Report.

Taken together, these features alone set the University of Fribourg apart. What makes living and learning here even better is the people in its campuses, city and country. The university encourages and facilitates interaction and discussions between students and professors, fostering an engaging and personalised learning experience. At Fribourg, you’ll find a supportive environment where your voice is heard.

Master in International and European Business graduate Thao Nguyen considers her decision to study here “one of the best decisions” she’s ever made. “What I appreciated the most, firstly, was the international environment of the university. I had the chance to work with people from different backgrounds globally through a lot of teamwork experiences,” she says.

Just as impressive was the teaching she received here, which Nguyen describes as “fantastic.” “Outside of lectures, I can freely contact my professors and ask more questions, which can hardly happen if you study at other large-size universities,” she says. For the world-renowned public Swiss education and experience she received here, Nguyen paid just less than US$1,000 per semester.

The faculty offers programmes in management, economics, information systems, communication and media research. Source: University of Fribourg, Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences

Master of Arts in International and European Business

Nguyen was part of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences, which runs the Master in International and European Business, among many others. One of the programme’s key strengths lies in its balanced approach to education, combining research with practical insights. You’ll have the opportunity to engage with top-tier executives through their frequent visits, where they share their knowledge and experiences.

For Master in International and European Business graduate Jan Vonlanthen, he found the guest lectures a good way to understand and solve the challenges of diverse companies. These paired well with his case study in the microeconomics of competitiveness, run in collaboration with Harvard University. “The case study helped to apply the learned theory and to run detailed assessment about a specific market or hub,” he says. These experiences have paid off well for Vonlanthen. Today, he’s working in one of the most prestigious consulting firms in the world as a senior Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company.

The vast majority of Fribourg graduates find their programmes a positive experience overall. The Master in International and European Business at the University of Fribourg takes pride in an outstanding 90% customer satisfaction rate, with 85% expressing their willingness to recommend the programme to friends and relatives.

The master’s programme is designed to shape students into professionals, equipping them with the skills and knowledge required. Source: University of Fribourg

Diversity in many forms

The master’s programme is intercultural, providing a truly global learning experience. The city of Fribourg, located at the crossroads of the German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland, is a fitting backdrop for this international exposure. With students hailing from over 20 countries, you’ll get a rich set of perspectives in class — which you can supplement by spending a semester abroad thanks to the university’s extensive network of more than 100 exchange universities.

Graduate Anxhela Troqe is currently a wealth management consultant at Generali Insurance. Reflecting on her master’s programme, she says: “My master’s programme at the University of Fribourg equipped me with a strong academic foundation, critical thinking skills, and practical experience, preparing me well for my current role by fostering analytical and problem-solving abilities in a diverse and collaborative environment.”.

Troqe graduated in 2022 but the memories of being in Fribourg still move her. “My study experience in Fribourg was exceptional, with a rich academic environment, a charming city atmosphere, and the allure of Switzerland’s cultural diversity, providing a delightful combination that I thoroughly enjoyed,” she says.

Bao Gia Bui took on the Master in International and European Business, combined with a dual degree from EM Strasbourg Business School — which prepared him for his career as the Associate Manager of Brand Performance at Radisson Hotel Group in Brussels. “I really appreciate the quality of the courses provided by the University of Fribourg. One and a half years studying here helped me a lot in creating a strong knowledge foundation about international business,” he says.

Like most students, he’s still mesmerised by Switzerland’s varied and verdant landscapes despite graduating in 2020. “Besides the diverse culture, the polite Swiss people, and the developed infrastructure, I’m amazed by the picturesque nature of Switzerland,” he says. “Moreover, the location of Fribourg and Switzerland in Europe permits me to travel to other European countries with ease, which helps enrich my experience and multicultural competencies.”

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