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Exciting news for Indian students as the University of Auckland offers them a special support package they can apply for! Source: Marty Melville / AFP

Things are looking up for Indians looking to study in New Zealand. The University of Auckland has recently announced an exclusive support package for those pursuing undergraduate and master’s programmes in New Zealand.

“[COVID-19] has meant online study and an inability to travel abroad to further their ambitions in overseas universities. It has also meant that we have been unable to visit India to meet with colleagues,” said University of Auckland vice-chancellor, Dawn Freshwater.

Undergraduate students, who have completed two semesters full-time, can access a loyalty programme providing a one-course fee waiver, as reported by Telegraph India. Their support package includes virtual micro-internships with New Zealand companies and online support. Master’s students will be offered a 30% bursary starting this year and they can start learning online from India — they do not need to pay their fees until they activate their education loan when they travel to New Zealand.

Many Indian students obtain educational loans to study in New Zealand. According to the University of Auckland’s international director, Brett Berquist, these can be hard to secure as Indian students pursue their programmes part-time and virtually. “Having recognised this as an obstacle, we are offering deferred fees payment for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) master’s students.”

“Our support package will allow students to begin building their employability skills while starting their studies in India,” adds Freshwater. “Once they arrive in New Zealand, they will benefit from our world-leading work rights provisions which they can use while studying and for three years once their studies are complete.”

Offering undergraduates, postgraduates, doctoral, development, and country-specific scholarships and funds, students are given the opportunity to study at the University of Auckland with a plethora of choices that cover their specific criteria and needs. Source: Mario Tama / Getty Images North America / Getty Images via AFP

University of Auckland scholarships

The many grants, funds, and supports given by the University of Auckland are not available for international students. However, if you need financial support for your tuition fees and other costs that the scholarships might cover, you can try your hand with these awards to help you out.

Undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, development, and country-specific scholarships and funds give students the  opportunity to study at the University of Auckland with a plethora of choices that cover their specific criteria and needs.

The country-specific scholarships and funds work with government bodies from countries like Chile, China, Tonga, the US, and more to enable students to further their education abroad.