University of New Hampshire: Industry-ready, career-driven graduates  
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University of New Hampshire: Industry-ready, career-driven graduates  

If you ask Austrian-born alumna Katharina Barta why she chose the University of New Hampshire (UNH) for her MBA, she is quick to answer. UNH has a “beautiful campus and location … I love the wholesomeness of campus and being surrounded by trees but still being in close proximity to Boston.”

That’s not all. “What I love most about UNH are the people. No matter where you look you will find a smiling face, and everyone is willing to help each other out,” she adds.

Surya Kranthi Siyadri agrees. He overcame his fears, saved money and gained the support to pursue his dreams to study in the U.S. He is now living this dream at UNH Graduate School.

Since the day he landed in the US from India to pursue an M.S. in Information Technology, he has been overwhelmed by the “welcoming reception from everyone at UNH Manchester.” As one of the program’s first international students to arrive, “I immediately seized the opportunity to work with other international students at the UNH Graduate School office,” he shares. Here, he is empowered to offer creative solutions to issues that international students face, making the campus community more diverse and inclusive.

UNH Graduate School offers innovative, responsive and accessible master’s, doctoral and certificate programmes of the highest quality in line with the university’s “Blueprint for the Future, UNH in 2020.” Over 130 programmes are available.

At this R1 public university — a status awarded to only the top research institutions — students can apply cutting-edge research methods to solve real-world problems and have an abundance of opportunities to engage with a diverse array of faculty, facilities, and resources. The result? New knowledge, solutions and insights.

The UNH Graduate School supports its students with industry connections, work experience opportunities and a team of dedicated staff members. Since Ning Hsieh became a graduate student at UNH, she has been introduced to many partners and alumni now working in her industry. “We are not just learning concepts and theories but applying them to real issues we might face when we work in the field,” she enthuses.

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Employers look for people with a proven commitment to their chosen field — better still, if they come with keen insight. UNH graduates fit this bill: they are world-ready, self-directed learners with breadth and depth in their chosen disciplines.

Turkey-born alumnus Erol Aygar took on the challenge of dual master’s degrees in Computer Science and Information Technology at UNH Graduate School. He wrote two theses — one on scientific data utilisation and one on voice recognition software. He worked at the Data Visualisation Research Lab at the Centre for Coastal and Ocean Mapping on the Durham campus. He learned from respected experts in his field who double as UNH professors, like lab director Colin Ware and assistant professor of computer science Michael Jonas. He also wrote apps for managing large sets of data and co-authored a scientific article funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

It’s been a prolific journey — and now, he’s ready for a career in both academia and his industry. “I’m thinking it might be a good idea to find a job and apply what I’ve learned,” he says. “I know what I want to do in academia, and I know how to research, but I’m also looking to solve problems.”

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