University of Dundee: A practice-driven business education
Source: University of Dundee

“The teaching we offer forms part of a student experience that is consistently rated among the best in the UK, and is producing graduates who are ready to help solve real-world problems and become future leaders across society.”
– Professor Sir Pete Downes, Principal and Vice-Chancellor

Intent on transforming lives locally and internationally, the University of Dundee is a visionary institution that helps create the movers and shakers of the modern world. Earning the Scottish University of the Year accolade for the second consecutive year, this university embodies the spirit that draws global students to UK education time and time again, harnessing the elite academics and inspiring opportunities that incites your very best.

Sprawled across a stunning campus that hugs the banks of the Tay Estuary, the institution makes full use of its location in the dynamic, multicultural setting of Dundee, previously named the UK’s coolest city in light of its cool people and warm buzz – not to mention its status as a UNESCO city of design, a hub of new business ventures and of course, creativity. Here, students truly get the best of a world-class education and an outstanding way of life, benefitting from a practical education that puts them firmly on the path to success.

Dundee’s School of Business – ranked among the UK’s top five institutions for Business, Management and Marketing – presents the ideal route to a career in the diverse sphere of business. Focused on providing an authentic experience that gives students the ability to solve complex problems in a real-world business context, the School of Business offers an unparalleled learning venture through an innovative course design that places students at the heart.

Source: University of Dundee

Through the provision of demand-driven courses supported and delivered by industry professionals, business students are taught the value of great leadership from the very start. Supported by a rapidly-expanding network of industry links and powerful business partners, the school’s comprehensive catalogue is enhanced by real-world market insights, instilling in students the expertise that meet both current and future demands.

“I joined the University of Dundee in 2012 as a direct entrant into second year,” says Suzi Cattigan, former student of the School. “The three years I spent studying Business Management fully prepared me for a career in Business,” she explains. “The degree course provided me with vital knowledge about business functions and the necessary steps to becoming a successful manager through the management theory and real-life cases of large corporations.”

From Accountancy, to Economics, to International Business, Finance and beyond; the school promises the breadth and depth of study needed to forge a long-lasting, impactful career. And for those who already have experience firmly under their belts, the school’s postgraduate portfolio and international reputation will help you progress to the next stage of your professional role.

For example, the school’s MSc in Professional Accountancy, already fully accredited by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), was recently further strengthened when it received accreditation from the Association of International Accountants (AIA) and the Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales (ICAEW). The recognition is a significant feather in the cap for the school as it provides graduates a leg up among their competitors in the increasingly tough global job market.

“This is a tremendous accolade and a further mark of quality and international recognition for this degree programme,” the school says on its website.

“Internationally-recognised accreditations such as these are a marker of quality and relevance and prove to be of major benefit to graduates when entering the job market or developing their existing careers further.”

Source: University of Dundee

Understanding that the business world is fluid, global and constantly changing, the school gives the training needed to thrive on an international stage – something that pays dividends in a society swept up amongst the waves of globalisation.

In fact, a recent survey conducted by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) revealed 71 percent of business leaders believe that graduates should pursue a professional qualification as an integration to their studies.

As such, the school is committed to providing exclusive placement opportunities where students are implanted in dynamic business settings where they can prove their worth in front of industry professionals. In fact, the School of Business at Dundee recently secured its position as a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) accredited centre of learning. The CMI represents the nation’s premier chartered professional body, promoting the very highest standards in management and leadership excellence. With its BSc in Business Management and MSc Management degree catalogues receiving dual accreditation from the CMI, with the same recognition in the pipeline for the BSc and MSc International Business degrees, students here gain a highly sought-after professional qualification upon successful completion of these programmes.

As a testament to the school’s success in granting unrivalled experiential opportunities, Dundee’s Accounting and Finance students got the chance to hear from three influential industry speakers earlier this year.

Source: University of Dundee

Mike Stewart, a member of the Scottish Government, delivered a presentation that focused on Scottish Taxes, while David Morrison from EQ Chartered Accountants spoke about UK Tax Planning and Ethics. Third-year students, meanwhile, sat through an engaging lecture by Angela Whyte, Audit Manager at Chartered Accountants, Henderson Loggie.

Direct interaction with leading figures like these allows students to apply their learning in a more meaningful and practical context. Granting them the opportunity to engage with knowledgeable business employers ultimately brings the classroom to life, with students actively participating in mastering current trends surrounding global business. The experience gained via these interactions is invaluable, and puts these learners on the right footing and the platform from which to launch their careers.

“We are very grateful and extremely fortunate to receive this level of support from these three organisations,” says Elayne Taylor, Lecturer within the School of Business. “The insight that industry professionals provide is extremely worthwhile as it helps demonstrate how various behaviours are translated into the real business world,” she adds. “It’s also a good opportunity for the students to meet major employers and start their business networking whilst still studying.”

Source: University of Dundee

By submerging students in the professional realm long before they graduate, on top of instilling them with sound business ethics and morals, the University of Dundee helps graduates begin working life with feet already firmly planted on the path to success.

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