University of Bedfordshire: Pioneers of Cyber Security studies
Source: University of Bedfordshire, School of Computer Science and Technology

“I chose the University of Bedfordshire because it is close to London…and when I graduated I got a lot of job offers from companies like Google and Microsoft.” – Davinder Sharma, MSc Computer Security and Forensics, originally from India

As an innovative and contemporary higher education provider with roots that span back further than a century, the University of Bedfordshire boasts a long-held position of respect within the UK academic scene. In fact, Bedfordshire stands as a university that consistently exceeds the nation’s quality threshold for education, receiving a Silver Award overall in the recent Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), on top of the impressive Gold-level accolade the institution received for its sterling teaching standards.

The university strives to make ambitious global citizens out of entrepreneurial, employable and above all educated students from all four corners of the world. With campuses in Luton, Bedford, Milton Keynes and Aylesbury – all of which are a convenient train ride away from the hub of the capital city – the institution teaches more than 24,000 students from over 100 countries, making it a verified cultural melting pot of ideas and perspectives that elevate and inspire everyone involved.

Source: University of Bedfordshire, School of Computer Science and Technology

“I’m so proud that this is an international university,” says Bill Rammell, Vice-Chancellor of the institution. “Students from many different countries living, studying and working together is a force for good and also helps our students develop a globalised mind and skill set we all need thrive in the world of work,” he adds.

“We have overseas students studying here, we deliver education overseas and we want to help more of our students to spend some time studying overseas.”

Bedfordshire’s School of Computer Science and Technology is especially popular among the international student population; as an institution known to trail blaze the field in cyber education, students flock to this visionary institution to invest in their technological passions, gaining the skills needed to advance through one of the most rewarding and relevant careers.

Delivering world-class courses that propel students to the top of their game, the school has received esteemed recognition for its Outstanding use of Technology in support of Learning, on top of Outstanding Commitment to Employability, in the Vice-Chancellor’s Student Experience Awards.

Source: University of Bedfordshire, School of Computer Science and Technology

The new-fangled BSc (Hons) Computing and Data Science programme – one of the first in the UK to address some of the world’s most pressing issues regarding Big Data and information – instils the academic and technical skills needed to analyse, interpret and make sense of the colossal amount of data we are constantly releasing into the world. In response to its innovative new design, the course has been presented at the second EDISON Champion conference to inform the Data Science community on a structured approach to deliver Data Science to undergraduate-level students.

The BSc in Computer Security and Forensics, on the other hand, is a research-informed, industry-focused programme enriched by cutting-edge and emerging technologies. Covering the breadth and depth of Cyber- and Forensics-related content, the course provides the knowledge base needed to make waves in a world increasingly plagued by harmful digital threats. Here, students have round-the-clock access to the newly-updated Security and Forensics Lab, as well as invaluable hands-on experience via the option to pursue a year-long industrial placement.

But the school also represents a postgraduate launch pad to success, with its Cyber Security provisions in particular posing significant influence within the professional field. For instance, the Cyber Security MSc allows candidates to realise the unique complexity and challenges associated with security online. Delivered on a weekends-only basis, with an additional block-mode option for flexible delivery, this programme is ideal for prospective students who are keen to develop their knowledge but may already be tied down with existing work or even family commitments.

Source: University of Bedfordshire, School of Computer Science and Technology

Then there’s the Master’s in Computer Security and Forensics – the perfect choice for any Computer Science-related graduate. Through a unique combination of Information Security and Digital Forensics, the course is a hands-on explication on cyber exploitation and defence techniques merged into one of the most technically-oriented programmes in the education game. Here, students can expect block-mode delivery from certified trainers and researchers on the course, benefitting from unparalleled industry links and access to Virtual Security Operation (VSoC) environments.

One thing Computing students are guaranteed throughout their time at Bedfordshire is a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary approach to security, with a shared coursework curriculum interspersed with topics on Risk Management, Psychology and Social Science. On top of boosting employability through the promise of a versatile skillset and knowledge base, the multifaceted nature of these programmes allows them to cater for the less technically-minded student applicant.

But it’s not all hard work and no play for the School’s aspiring computer moguls; the institution is also championed for its ability to promote elite academics alongside a well-rounded and unforgettable student experience. As a testament to this, the school’s Luton campus previously played host to the UK’s largest ‘Games Jam’ – a fun-filled gathering of developers who battled it out for 48-hours to build the most engaging video game. Organised in collaboration with digital giants such as Microsoft and Train2Game, the Jam attracted a staggering 329 students who went head-to-head to take home the coveted prize. The event proved so popular that Luton now holds the Guinness World Title for operating the biggest Gaming Jam on record.

Source: University of Bedfordshire, School of Computer Science and Technology

“We educate tomorrow’s scientists and engineers and actively engage in research that informs our teaching,” says Dr Danni Novakovic, Head of the School. “We are committed to quality learning, teaching and research to benefit our students, academics as well as the wider community,” she concludes.

“Our staff and students come from all parts of the world…Get inspired and choose the right course for you.”

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