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Università della Calabria: European experience, Italian campus

From the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea to the winding waterways of Venice, from the life-affirming espressos of its lightning-speed coffeeshops to the iconic fashion coming out of Milan and Florence, Italy is where you’ll find “la dolce vita” (the sweet life).

Fifteen minutes away from the Tyrrhenian sea and 20 minutes from the Sila mountains is where you can sample this and earn a world-class degree at the same time. Here sits the largest and best equipped campus in the country, Università della Calabria (UniCal), also known as the University of Calabria. The university is situated on over 200 hectares among the hills of the Crati River Valley, in the urban area of Cosenza and Rende.

“The mobility of students and professors (to Italy) represents the main priorities of the European Union and worldwide, as a means to build up a better world and among the people and among the cultural institutions, further than among the economies,” says

rector Nicola Leone. “In this common effort, we, as the University of Calabria, are deeply involved and committed.”

The best part? It’s affordable.

UniCal’s all-inclusive enrolment package costs only 6,000 euros per year. It includes two meals per day, accommodation and tuition fee.

UniCal is also providing scholarships to all the prospective students enrolled in its degrees. Students with low family income could participate to a Call for Scholarships. A scholarship includes the enrolment package above, and students will also receive pocket money worth around 1,700 euros.

Università della Calabria

UniCal is the “Campus of Hospitality.” Source: Università della Calabria

UniCal is home to over 950 students from 83 countries — the highest number among Southern Italy universities. It is “a lively and open environment where students can enjoy several social activities that make the campus a place of social cohesion and peaceful coexistence among people,” says Leone. “Our international students enjoy campus life from many different perspectives, fully supported by our modern infrastructures such as libraries, laboratories, residential centres, sports and fitness centres, and theatres.”

UniCal: The pathway for your career

As you stroll down Ponte Bucci or through the UniCal residential areas, you’ll hear many languages spoken and many more cultures mingling. You’ll also see UniCal’s multidisciplinary dynamism, as students from various departments and disciplines bounce ideas off each other.

UniCal has 14 departments and 120 research laboratories. It offers 10 PhD programmes, 22 first and second-level postgraduate programmes, and 12 international master’s degrees (taught in English). Each programme provides students with the expertise to hold high-level positions in a wide variety of industries.

UniCal offers programmes in Engineering and Technology, including Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science; Computer Engineering for the Internet of Things; Environmental and Territorial Safety Engineering on Sustainable Management of Natural Resources; Robotics and Automation Engineering; and Telecommunication Engineering: Smart Sensing, Computing and Networking.

As we inch closer to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we are breaching new financial frontiers, embracing the lightning-fast technological advances in areas such as AI, big data, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. With UniCal’s Finance and Insurance programme, you’ll develop the skills required for the management of complex financial products and to join the actuarial science profession. It includes advanced courses in mathematical finance, financial econometrics, life and non-life insurance mathematics, banking, economics of financial markets as well as financial and insurance law.

Università della Calabria

It is common to meet people of different cultures as you stroll down Ponte Bucci or through the UniCal residential areas. Source: Università della Calabria

Science helps our understanding of the world around us. Everything we know about the universe, from how trees reproduce to what an atom is made up of, is the result of scientific research and experiment — it is what ensures the next wave of progress in all of the fields that affect our daily lives. Students who want to take it a step further in this field of expertise can choose between the Mathematics; Chemistry; and Physics programmes at UniCal.

With UniCal’s Nutritional Sciences and Health Biotechnology programmes, you will be fully equipped with the leadership capabilities, clinical skills and keen understanding required to make a genuine difference to the lives of individuals and communities. Another perk? Students will be able to collaborate with healthcare facilities and companies in the biomedical and pharmaceutical sectors dealing with drug discovery.

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