Unique college classes that have been offered in the US
You can take a fun and interesting class that takes you out of our comfort zone at these American universities. Source: Shutterstock

In the US, a typical four-year degree requires students to complete 120-credits in college or university. Each class is usually 3-4 credits.

But it’s unlikely that all your classes will be related to your major. For example, if you’re a Marketing major, not all 120 credits will go towards Marketing classes or even business classes.

You’re encouraged as a student in the US to take electives and courses that are different from your major, so you can get the most out of your academic experience.

So why not take a cool, off-the-beaten-path class where you can explore your area of interest or pick up something new?

Here are some unique classes being offered, or have been offered, by universities in America, to inspire you to get you out of your academic comfort zone.

Mummies, Zombies, and Vampires: Anthropology of the Undead

You can learn more about gory creatures like zombies through classes that explore the history behind them. Source: Shutterstock

Are you a big fan of shows like The Walking Dead, True Blood, and the like? Maybe you have a curious fascination for the living dead, and how folklore about them began?

This course being offered at the University of Central Florida explores the fascination behind these monsters, with anthropological exploration into the ‘phenomenon of the ‘undead’.

The Art of Walking

Never considered that walking could be an art form? Centre College offered this The Art of Walking course, exploring the hiking and long-walking (Wanderung) traditions of German speakers and lands through the reading and discussionG of six novellas from the 19th century and weekly hikes and walks.

Constructed Languages from Elvish to Esperanto 

Fantasy buff? Then you’ll be familiar with languages like Klingon, Dothraki and Elvish. These are all made-up languages in the world of fantasy books and movies.

You can study the linguistics aspect of this course, learning all about the elements of made-up languages and phrases through this course offered at UC Santa Cruz.

Basic Rock Climbing

Most American universities allow you to take classes that motivate you to be active, like rock climbing. Source: Shutterstock

Yes, you read that right. A 1-credit course on rock climbing is being offered at Cornell University, so if you’ve always wanted to learn how to rock climb, you can now take a legit college class!

The Basic Rock Climbing course introduces students to rock climbing equipment, knots, rope handling, belaying, rappelling, safety and various climbing techniques. Graduates of the class will be certified to belay at the Lindseth Climbing Wall.

Knights of Old & Harry Potter

Love Harry Potter and all things medieval? This course at Georgetown University explores medieval antecedents from the 12th-15th centuries, in relation to Harry Potter.

The course requires students to read masterpieces of imaginative storytelling from French, English and Latin medieval literature, as well as selected volumes of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels, analysing narratives of  growing up and finding one’s identity in a magical world.


This class explores the strong bond between dogs and humans. Source: Shutterstock

Finally, a class on man’s best friend! This 1-credit lecture-based course at Oberlin Experimental College was designed to give students an insight to the minds of their companions, discussing the history of dogs, differences in breeds, canine thought processes and the dynamic between dog and human.

Special canine guest Penny Lane will be in attendance for every class, too!

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