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UNH Graduate School: A safe, connected and inclusive community for international students

There were many reasons Rohit Kumar Veerabomma decided to leave Hyderabad, India and pursue higher education in New Hampshire. When his rewarding job at Infosys Limited sparked his drive to become a full-stack developer, he studied the careers of two of his biggest role models to figure out how best to achieve his goals. The journey of Infosys founder N.R. Narayana Murthy showed him that he needed to first advance his coding skills; Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s path inspired him to study abroad in the U.S.

Like many international students, however, he found the thought of beginning anew in a foreign country a little daunting. A welcoming, safe community was a must for Veerabomma. Researching graduate schools, he learned about the University of New Hampshire (UNH) Graduate School, a national research university that offers a comprehensive Master of Science in Information Technology program on campuses with a strong reputation for student safety – and a supportive international student community.

“UNH was known to have a close-knit and welcoming student and staff community, which made me feel like I would be able to blend into the student community,” he explains. “Along with being welcomed, I learned about the various events hosted by international students to promote our culture within the community.”

True enough, many faculty members greeted Veerabomma when he arrived at UNH and helped him settle in and select classes. In the classroom, his fellow students were just as welcoming, and he found his place in UNH’s safe and connected community. Discussion-based graduate classes are customary at UNH, encouraging students to share their ideas and collaborate.

UNH also offers a vast array of online resources that help international students like Veerabomma immerse themselves in the full graduate student experience. First, the Graduate Student Resources webpage guides new students through the logistics of beginning their academic journeys and acclimating to UNH – from accepting offers to seeking advice.

“We can adapt within a week or two,” says Sirisha Srinivasan, an MS in Biotechnology: Industrial and Biomedical Sciences student who is also from Hyderabad, India. “Now I just feel part of the UNH community.”

Through the Professional Development and Student Success webpage, students can easily access all the information they need about student organisations and events, campus wellness resources, and professional opportunities. UNH is doing something right –– 94% of graduates are employed, volunteering or furthering their education within six months of graduating.

Comprehensive safety resources and student programs

At UNH, safety always comes first. That means students will encounter comprehensive safety resources across campus, including Blue Light emergency telephones connected to the police department; secure key card access to residence halls; and campus safety officers available to walk students home at night.

“The fact that UNH is one of the top 10 safest colleges in the US helped in picking this university,” says Veerabomma. “I currently work as a technical consultant for graduate students, so even the room where I keep my equipment is protected by an access card and combination –– no one can enter without making an appointment with me first.”

Inclusive campus programs also further this commitment to student safety and well-being. For instance, the Aulbani J. Beauregard Centre for Equity, Justice, and Freedom is both a supportive environment for underrepresented students and their allies – and a steward of conversations and education that create a safer, more supportive campus for all students. It is uniquely intersectional, which means students can connect around the many elements of their identity, from race and ethnicity to religion and socioeconomic status.

UNH is also LGBTQIAP+-inclusive, with a Safe Zones organisation that raises awareness through programmes and training sessions.

International students at UNH Graduate School will benefit from this safe environment and global community as they pursue their career goals and experience life abroad.

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