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UMass Dartmouth: Your launchpad to artistic success

Zoom in on South Coast Massachusetts, and you’ll uncover a world where creativity flourishes, imaginations run wild, and artistic expressions take centre stage. It’s all happening at the College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) at UMass Dartmouth — the ideal destination for any budding artist looking for a dynamic and inspiring environment to hone their vision.

By enrolling in a BFA, MFA, or Post-Bac certificate program, students unlock access to a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share their passion for the arts, a faculty of accomplished artists and educators dedicated to their success, and state-of-the-art facilities that can fuel their creative pursuits like never before. Hence why the campus is filled with painters, sculptors, designers, musicians and arts educators from near and far.

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In fact, Jungin Chang came all the way from South Korea to advance her love for illustration. UMass Dartmouth was the only institution she came across that would allow her to extend her Master of Fine Art studies to three years instead of the usual two. “I wanted more time to deep dive into my work and perfect my craft,” she says. “I know the intensity of this programme was the right fit for me.”

Ask her to describe her experience thus far and she sums it up in just three words: challenging, generous and thoughtful. Educators here have adapted her academic journey in a way that pushes her to go beyond her comfort zone. At the same time, they make sure she has all the support she needs — as have her peers, all of whom have welcomed Chang with open arms and expressed keen interest in her cultural background.

It’s easy to understand how lifelong connections are formed here. CVPA hosts multiple events throughout the year that sees students DIY-ing everything from aesthetically pleasing doughnuts to thirst-quenching Arnold Palmers, transforming guns into garden tools to raise gun violence awareness, and designing posters that visually explain their research projects.

The college also hosts frequent lectures for notable artists, designers, curators, critics, and historians to share their perspectives, expertise, and processes while giving insight into contemporary issues and professional practice. Each occasion sparks passionate discussions that are hard to cut short.

Such affairs are a testament to the college’s dedication to keeping tomorrow’s artists and innovators abreast with developments in the industry as well. Of course, another way they do so is by expanding their curricula. How? By adding emerging visionaries to their already-impressive line up of faculty members.

The latest addition to the Dartmouth family is Fernando Goyret, an American-Brazilian graphic designer. His interests in music, media and design technologies landed him the role of Assistant Teaching Professor in Animation and Game Arts.

“My job is to guide the students through different software and tools, teach best practices, develop design vocabulary and prepare them for the industry,” he explains.

“We cover most software and apply them to real-time exercises, allowing students to navigate the project and produce a final result. The most fulfilling aspect of my position is to see, throughout the semester, the advances students make and see the sense of accomplishment students show as they become more proficient in their craft.”

UMass Dartmouth

Source: UMass Dartmouth

Soon, Professor Goyret will offer his students courses in virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D game design. To him, these courses reflect the increasing importance of AR and VR in the fields of animation and games. He believes proficiency in such areas can help students land roles in a vast array of other industries as well, like the entertainment industry.

“The programme is updated as fast as feasible to reflect rapid changes in the industry,” he says. “Mastering these emerging technologies can give our students an edge when ready to enter the job market.”

When that time comes, graduates won’t have to look too far to find their dream job. Massachusetts is a hub for digital technology with a vibrant game development industry. Numerous studios and companies are based in the state. Boston, in particular, is a haven for game development, with a growing ecosystem of game companies, startups, and supportive organisations. This provides ample opportunities for game art professionals and illustrators to collaborate, network, and find employment.

As does Massachusetts’s rich history of art and culture. Here, there are numerous museums, galleries, and art festivals showcasing a diverse range of artistic styles and genres. Where better to gain inspiration and exposure to different art forms and expand creative horizons? Apply to UMass Dartmouth’s College of Visual and Performing Arts today to unleash your artistic potential.

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