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Source: Brunel Language Centre

The benefits of being fluent in English cannot be understated. For starters, it is the most spoken and understood language around the world. It has also become part and parcel of every existing field, from communication and education to business, science, informational technology, and more. That said, learning it can increase your chances of getting a job, sparking passionate discussions, and rubbing shoulders with the who’s who in your dream industry.

To achieve the above, a qualification can open doors in ways free courses and back-to-back podcast episodes cannot. If you’re on the lookout for a university that specialises in English linguistic excellence and unsure where to start –– remember, where could be better than its birthplace?

The UK is not just home to the English language; it is also known for producing globally recognised qualifications. Most are also accredited by the British Council, which regularly conducts inspections to ensure the highest standards of teaching are maintained across courses.

Furthermore, by choosing a UK-based institution, you’ll be in constant communication with native speakers. Combine quality classes, real-life situations and daily practice; and you’ll be passing off as a native speaker yourself. If this sounds like the experience you need, choose one of these universities in the UK to kick-start your journey to mastering the English language:

Brunel Language Centre, Brunel University London

Why choose to study at Brunel Language Centre?  These are some of the reasons why:

Over a decade of experience offering English courses to professionals and students; high-quality language teaching; face-to-face, informative, fun and fully interactive classes; a mature learning environment; flexible format – online or on campus. This is how the Centre has succeeded in helping students with a wide range of English Language abilities.

study English

Source: Brunel Language Centre

The Centre prides itself on the quality service it provides to students. Brunel Language Centre is accredited by the British Council and has enjoyed “Centre of Excellence” status from the English Language Gazette since 2012.

As student Gloria Wang says, “After the language course, I really feel I’ve improved. This is a wonderful experience, I will always remember these times.”

Brunel Language Centre is just as renowned for its flexibility as it is for its excellence. Specialising in both online and on-campus delivery, its expansive line-up of courses contain something for everyone. We offer one-to-one English tuition and a range of courses.

The Online English for Beginners course is a top pick. Study part-time from home online before progressing onto one of the Centre’s general, professional or academic English courses.

The year-round English@Brunel courses (19 hours a week) and the Summer Courses (15 or 25 hours a week) can be studied online or on campus. In addition to language and vocabulary development, focus areas include: critical thinking; English for social situations and specific workplace contexts, such as English for Presentations, Meetings and Negotiating Skills. You can also opt for a specialism, such as English for Medicine, Law, Business or Teaching. Study on campus and you can enjoy trips to famous cities and a variety of social and cultural events.  Brunel Language Centre also offers Pre-sessional courses for degree-level study and expert immigration and visa advice both before and during your studies. If you choose one of these routes you can opt to train in the UK or from your home country.

University of Bath

 At the University of Bath, Academic Skill Programmes abound. Among them are offerings to help enrolled and visiting students improve their English language skills in preparation for the Cambridge English Exam –– an English qualification that lasts a lifetime, accepted by many academic institutions, professional bodies, and employers.

study English

With the General English course, individuals develop their reading, listening, and speaking competencies exponentially in just 10 weeks. Source: University of Bath Facebook

With the General English course, individuals develop their reading, listening, and speaking competencies exponentially in just 10 weeks. They are also taught to practise exam-taking strategies such as reading and listening for specific information.

The Cambridge exam levels covered are: C2 Proficiency, the highest-level qualification that proves a candidate has mastered English to an exceptional level; C1 Advanced which highlights the language skills today’s employers and universities are looking for; and B2 First, a qualification that proves the ability to live and work independently in an English-speaking country or study English-taught programmes.

“I appreciated the opportunity to learn the differences between formal and informal British English,” says visiting and exchange student Carolina Larsson from Denmark. “Even though I am a natural science student, I have come to appreciate language more. I believe it is one subject that really can give you the ability to ‘knock down walls’ and reach out to people you can’t communicate with in your native tongue.”

University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool English Language Centre (ELC) is a friendly and supportive learning environment brought to life by a team of committed tutors. Together, they seek to cater to various aspirations. Its website confirms this, stating: “If you are looking to improve your English to study at university, or want to spend a few weeks improving your communication skills, we offer opportunities to learn in a quality institution with more than 100 years of history.”

study English

Pre-Sessional English courses are perfect for international students vying for an education at a British university. Source: University of Liverpool Facebook

Diverse goals need diverse offerings. Thankfully, the ELC offers plenty. Its Pre-Sessional English courses are perfect for international students vying for an education at a British university or who need extra support in meeting the University of Liverpool’s English language requirements.

Each course varies in duration, ranging from six to 40-week courses. Apart from IELTS training, the ELC also provides free In-Sessional English courses to students who have already begun their journey at the University of Liverpool.

However, anyone that arrives here is entitled to enjoy the full experience. When applying to a Pre-Sessional English course, aspiring English language learners are welcome to apply for suitable accommodation. That’s not all. Once enrolled, they gain access to every academic, social and welfare facility that makes the University of Liverpool the world-class institution it is known for being.

For example, the Language Lounge offers resources such as books, DVDs, and personalised guidance from staffers keen on making recommendations. Students also gain full rights to the university’s two libraries, with over 2.5 million study resources; several study areas; and the 2,000 computers situated across campus.

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